How do you respond to...


I went to go on a blind date tonight. It was set up by a good friend of mine (we’ll be talking later!).
I talked to the woman twice on the phone and she seemed reasonably sane. I was as realistic and accurate about my appearance as I could be.

So we decide I’ll pick her up at 6:00 tonight for dinner and drinks. I pick up a little innocuous bouquet on the way.
I get to her apartment building, ring the bell and am buzzed in.

She opens the door, says “hi” and accepts the flowers.
You may wish to avert your eyes at this point if you are easily distressed by horrific scenes.

She gives me a “once over” look up and down,
says “Uh, on second thought, no thanks.”

And closes the door!!!?!?!
I stood there for a full thirty seconds debating my options.

I still can’t think of anything I could have done or said that would have not either :
A) Caused me further disgrace and humiliation or,
B) gotten the CPD involved, leading to more of A)

All I can say is “ouch”. My wonderful bartender Dan has offered me several suggestions (along with shots and Guinness)
She took the flowers!!!

Oh man, that is fucked up. The worst of it is, you can’t do anything about it! You can splutter in helpless rage as you wish you could exact revenge. Just keep your eyes open. Someday, you may be able to return the favor.

She was a b*tch. And she was probably looking for a Kleenex Euroboy to blow and throw.
Be glad you were spared falling into her ominous clutches.

I think what you did was best. Gees, what a bitch. I think doing anything in anger would have been lowering yourself.

I say, “The best revenge is living well.”

All I can say is…

What a bitch!

At least you found out at the very beginning instead of having a long evening with an unpleasant woman.

You did the right thing, leaving her alone and saving yourself from any more humiliation.

If I was there, I’d buy you a drink, too.

I’ve have NEVER heard anything quite like that!
The amount of rudeness that some people find acceptable never ceases to amaze me. I guess you should thank your stars that you didn’t get the chance to find her attractive, only to find out later what a total shallow bitch she is!
And if you’re ever in No. California, I’ll not only DATE you, I’ll buy the first round!

I think you did the best thing…nothing. As you said, anything else would have caused “further disgrace and humiliation.” Now, you are in the position of being “a classy guy,” which is small consolation, I know.

But this incident could ultimately work in your favor. If somebody told me this story about you and offered to set me up, I would certainly go. I would be eager to meet a guy who a. comported himself honorably in such a situation, and b. could laugh about it later. It is a little hard to tell from the dopefest pictures what you really look like, but I thought you looked pretty attractive.

As to the um…person…who did this to you, well, words are inadequate. Your “friend” deserves flogging and/or revenge for setting you up with this…person.

you could have rng her doorbell again and then run off snickering.

That would have been satisfying on a visceral level, at least for me.

MikeG… Man, If I was her, I would have jumped on you!!! Maybe she was really intimidated by your good looks:)!!! From what I saw on your link, I wouldn’t kikck you out of my apartment, if I wasn’t very happily married, of course! (Or maybe everyone else above is right and she is a BITCH!) At any rate, I must say, that FTR, the same thing happenned to me. I had a blind date, he met me at work, (rose in hand) and I still had a few minutes worth of charting to do, so he suggested that he had to run up to the local stop-n-rob for gas and smokes… now, I’m no rocket scientist, but he hasn’t been back in five years, and I know it didn’t take that long to fill up, even if he took the free car wash! He even took his stinking rose with him!!! Guess your date and mine should get together for coffee and a fill up!


Two things, both mostly obvious:

Your firend that set you up, kick him in the nuts;
As for the snotty chick, at least you didn’t waste any more money on her than the flowers!

No worries, man, you’re better off (though it still sucks to hear that sort of thing, from a bitch or not)

Mike, on behalf of all women, I’d like to apologize for her. At least you didn’t have to spend any more time with her than that. I’d say send her some dead flowers tomorrow, but she’s not worth the effort.

Yuck and double yuck. If that happened to me, no matter how many times I reminded myself that I was better off not even getting to know a person so dreadful, I would still be so hurt.

What she did would not be acceptable no matter what the person standing in her doorway looked like. After checking your link, I can say with certainty that the problem is not you. It is her, and possibly her parents for doing such a piss poor job of raising her to adulthood.

Is your friend who set up up with her single? If so, the neck time I am in your neck of the woods, set me up on a blind date with him. I will spill hot coffee in his lap, run up a $200 bar tab, and then blatantly give my phone number to the bartender. No, wait. I will give her phone number to the bartender. Then, and only then, will I tell him “on second thought, no thanks.”

Or, you might print out some of the choicer comments posted her and mail them to her.

Mike, Mike, Mike, you didn’t follow the instructions. All you had to do was learn the script and things would have been fine, but you didn’t, and look what happened. Well here’s the script again. Try not to mess up next time.
If you need further assistance, refer to:

FTR, Mike…you can knock on MY door anytime :smiley:

MikeG, after seeing your picture all I can say is that if I were not married I’d go out you in a heart beat.

The woman was a rude bitch, nuff said.

Well, after reading this thread, I finally had to close my dropped jaw because my teeth started to hurt from drying out. This woman is a nutjob!! I want to add to InternetLegend’s apology, amended on behalf of all humans for clearly she is lacking on some very basic qualities - like a heart.

(I saw your picture too and if I were her I wouldn’t have been able to open the door fast enough. She is out of her never-lovin’ mind.)

Having MET MikeG…

The woman is a MORON. And rude. Sheesh. If I lived in Chi-town, I’d date you in a heartbeat.

It may not come right away, but you will soon come to realize that you are a better human being than she is, and that you are better off not knowing her.

For her sake, I hope she develops some tact, compassion and character before she loses her looks.

And I only presume she’s attractive.

At any rate, get it out of your system. Go drinking with some friends, and make sure the friend who set you up is buying.

Well. I’ve had a decent night’s sleep and I guess I’m just thankful I didn’t have to buy her dinner.
The friend who set us up is female and apparently they are accquaintances rather than friends.

Muffin, I actually was thinking along those lines as I walked back to my car; “Did I forget the secret word”?
Maybe it was Mary’s elusive daughter!! It would explain a lot.

[rationalizimg mode]
y’know, I’m always bitchin’ about not enough clear and to the point communication between the sexes. And when I finally get some, what do I do?

Mike, clear and to the point doesn’t have to mean rude and hurtful. It would be one thing if she had gone on the date and then said, “I don’t think this is going to work out” but she instead made a snap judgment based solely on your appearance. This woman is so shallow you’d break your neck trying to dive into her psyche. You can rest assured that she’s going to be single for a long, long time with manners like that.