You . . . dumb . . . COW!

So this is how it goes.

On Friday, I met a woman named Kara. We had an awkward date, but we had fun.

On Sunday, we met up again, saw a movie, and went from holding hands all the way to having sex. She started living in my room.

On Tuesday, however stupid it sounds, I realized I was in love with her. On Wednesday, she realized she was in love with me.

And this morning, she got out of bed at 3 AM to go see her old boyfriend, because he sent her an SMS saying that he was going to kill himself. They had sex, and she decided to leave me.

An hour ago, she finished moving her things out of my room, and we said goodbye.

And all I’ve been told so far is that it was stupid of me to give out my heart so freely.

Anyone have anything nice to say? Any comments? Any condemnations? I did hit her once after she told me she was leaving.

Yeah. You HIT someone because she broke up a hormone induced fling on the ninth day?

Maybe you ought to go turn yourself in to the local cops, reporting yourself for battery. If they let you go, (or even if they do not), then get yourself some serious psych help controlling your impulses.

(This is based on the presumption I graciously (if tentatively) extend that any of this story is true.)

You “hit her once”?

Nope. I have nothing nice to say to you at all.

Ditto. You went from dumbass to fuckwit in one sentence.

She had some issues, that’s for sure – but that’s nothing new, really. Hitting her though – not cool. That calls for some anger management classes and to man up and apologize.

I’m not sure where to even start because your action leads me to wonder just how capable you are of comprehending even the most fundamental of human interactions.

You don’t hit women.
For any reason.
Goddamn motherloving PERIOD.

And yet you did so for the most pathetic of reasons. That is truly dispicable.

Question. Which definition of the word hit is Jaochai using?
If he means he struck her, then yes he has issues and is an asshole.
if he means that he banged her one last time, I am not going to condemn him for that, but moving a girl into your room after one date? Dude, does the term co-dependent mean anything to you?

I’m glad she left you when she did. Asswipe. And I hope she tells every female she knows that you hit her, so your chances of ever getting laid again are nil.

I hope you are refering to yourself with that title because ditching your sorry ass sounds like the only smart thing either of you did in this story.

Please tell me you meant “hit” as in “I’ll hit that.” Please.

Plenty to say, and nothing nice if you meant that you actually struck her, and not in this Forum. This thread needs to be in the Pit…

Oh, the things people do for love. I’d recommend you re-examine your definition, though.

You’re a moron.

And a fuckwit.

Oh come on, it’s heading to the pit anyway.

You don’t hit women.

Let’s all wait and remain calm until the OP comes back and clarifies things.

In common slang, “hit” could mean “had sex with.”

If fifty years ago (?), if he said that he “banged” her, someone could have made the same error.

You would never say “i hit her” to mean you fucked someone, the correct usage is “i’d hit it”.

The two times he previously referred to the act of intercourse, he used the terminology “having sex” and “had sex”.

Then, he says he “hit her.”

Pardon my mistrust but I sense he knows he fucked up and is desperately looking for validation.

No, I did actually slap her in the face. No ambiguity was intended. Though I do feel bad about it, if that makes any difference.

Actually, honest criticism/condemnation is refreshing. Most people are telling me that I couldn’t have done anything and should just try to get on with my life.

Anyway, that’s why I have Bangkok.

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Off to the Pit.

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I’ve not been able to find it, but there’s supposedly a quotation from Faulkner (maybe from Light in August?) that goes something like, “what more does a woman want, to know that a man is thinking of her, than a black eye or a split lip?”

Me, I could think of several things. Like, oh, I don’t know, words.

As to the OP, may I hazard a guess that if your age and Miss Kara’s age were combined, we’d be looking at something south of 45, and possibly south of 40? The good news is that, if true, you’ve got plenty of time to develop those characteristics that women find attractive, things like “self-control” and “maturity” and “good sense.”

Oh, and I did apologize, immediately after, and she forgave me. If that makes any difference, either.