How do YOU send information from one computer to another?

Dozens of ways, I suppose. What do you choose?

Sometimes interesting things are found when I’m on the computer at work, the library, or on my relative’s computer that I want back home.
I suppose I should carry a memory stick, but I don’t.
I used to use Yahoo Briefcase, but they dropped the feature. Now I mostly email things to myself as attachments.
If just a handful of image files I use Photobucket, but that’s no good on other file types.
If there’s a whole lot, I “back up” and “restore” with, but that’s not really attractive.

So, what’s your routine?

Depends, if both computers are physically close I’ll use a stick (for a lot of stuff, an external HD or several trips of the stick, I transferred my whole WoW folder using several trips of the stick one time, as I didn’t have a HD handy); if not, well, the last time I wasn’t able to transfer a file through gmail was… because gmail hadn’t been invented yet.

I carry a memory stick on my keyring - it means I always have it with me when I need it, and often my files are just too big for anything else. Oh, I also sometimes copy stuff onto my ipod - using it as a (very expensine!) portable hard drive

In descending order of preference:


(the original tools for the job. it’s what they exist for. sftp is secure)
Timbuktu or Apple Remote Desktop
mount SMB or AFS volume on local desktop, drag file in.
email attachment
sendspace or rapidshare

If it’s an interesting webpage - email link.

If it’s an interesting file - usb key (or email, if it’s small enough)


I just e-mail myself an attachment.

Dictation. One computer speaks and the others listen through voice recognition. It’s rather calming, actually, and makes for a great meditation exercise at work. 6F 6D 20 6F 6D 20 6F 6D… much better than progress bars.

I use scp, samba (that’s windows file sharing for you non-unix types) and usb sticks.

ETA: I also have a light-weight 300 Gb usb drive that I can take with me when needed, but I rarely use it for that.

memory stick.

if it’s too small, dvd.

also i have a LAN set up at home to move files between computers.

Anyone remember

scp, mostly. Gmail for the rare cases where I’m on a computer that’s not networked to my other computers.

what is “scp” ?? :confused:

I’ve been wondering that myself.

Dropbox to sync things like music, homework, or pictures between my multiple computers (home desktop, laptop, work computer, etc.), sftp, or smb/samba (windows file shares).

scp is a *nix command-line secure copy utility. It lets you copy files between computers over an encrypted connection.

That looks good. Now I need to get my son to load it for me. I can’t deal with Ubuntu operating system and never want to learn.

ftp to my office computer then ftp from it. My home network is so flaky and unpredictable that this is the surest way to move something from one to another.


I have an 8GB memory stick on my keyring, and a 100GB slimline usb hard drive in my bag.

VPN (and DFS to some degree) for work <–> home, and an FTP server at home for contingencies.