How do you spell the word that sounds like "ore derves"?

I can’t find the correct spelling for this word which means finger food or appetizers. I think it is, “hour’derve”, but that just doesn’t look right.

hors d’oeuvres.

hors d’oeuvres (or you could just say “canapés”)

It’s hors d’oeuvres. I had to look it up to get it exact – zoze wacky French!

‘outside of work’.
hors – outside
d’ – of
œuvre – work.

The idea being that these little morsels were extrinsic to the main work of preparing the dinner.

Shoot, someone beat me to the punch.

That word is a good example of why you can’t always use a dictionary to figure out the spelling of a word. If you can’t spell it, how do you look it up? In this case, “h” is probably not the first letter you’d think to check in the dictionary.

“Petit” larceny was a surprise to me, but at least it’s near “petty” in the dictionary.

I always teased my brother, who now actually lives in France, that the French simply drop random letters from their words and don’t pronounce them, while filtering the remainder of the word through their nasal passage.

The English language is phar, phar moor sensable and eesier to spel, eye thinck.

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Thanks for the spelling tips.

But where on a horse are its doovers?

I always thought it was doves that slept around:

Whore Doves :slight_smile:


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Of course, this is where I must mention that until I started to learn French in high school I was under the impression that the phrase was pronounced “whores devores”.

My oh-so-wacky family alternately pronounced it thusly:
“Hours devours” or “Whores de ovaries.” Hee hee.