How do you start lacing your shoes?

When you first start lacing up a pair of shoes, do you start with the very first lace (closest to toe) over or under the eyelets?

Under. Over just looks weird.

Over to close the eyelet rows for greater protection. That’s in the case of work boots and safety shoes. The laces will also protect the leather from abrasion.

I can’t remember the last time I actually had to lace a pair of shoes. I don’t think I’d even know how - I’d have to check out a YouTube tutorial.

So the bottom lace forms a visible "bar"across from one eyelet to the other.

Aw, you have “special” velcro shoes, don’t you tiger?:wink:

Over. It just looks neater to me.

Opposite for me. Over. Under looks weird.

I had to double-check, as I actually misunderstood the question slightly, but my answer is still the same, but I don’t think it’s a matter of preference, as I can’t remember the last time I’ve relaced my shoes. But the ones I do have in the closest are all in their default state, and all (okay it’s only 3 pairs of shoes) have it over.

Whichever way the laces are started when I first take them out of the box.


This is like the damn toilet paper roll question, isn’t it?

one of each

Grin! Over, because under just looks weird!

“Weird” is obviously relative!

I wish! More like they just come already laced or partially laced. I guess there are people who replace the laces at some point before they replace the shoe, but I’ve never needed to do that.

Yeah, this. My sneakers are the only laced shoes I have, and they came prelaced.

Other. I do not have any shows with laces.

But if I did – I like my laces like I like my toilet paper roll: over.

Over, always. It’s what I was taught, and the way I always see them started when I get the shoes from the store. Every other eyelet goes under/over, but not the first ones.

Interesting. I’ve never gotten a pair of shoes that was all the way laced. And I have had shoes long enough that the aglets come off and I need to get new laces to look presentable.

Plus, I also have fairly big feet (size 14W or 15), yet shoe manufacturers seem to use the same lace length in all shoes. So I’ve had to buy longer ones just to be able to tie them decently.

Crochet forces me to remember how to tie knots, but I’m in this boat as well. I have a pair of pull-on sneakers with spandex instead of laces, a couple pairs of flats, and a pair of boots. I haven’t laced a shoe in 5 years!

A while ago I bought a pair of Keens that came with elastic no-tie laces. I liked them so much I bought a bunch of Lock Laces and put them on all my shoes (well, except my dress shoes of course). They’re awesome! Everything’s a slip-on now.

Under…and “right over left”