How do you think he did it? (The Amazing Jonathan) (Open spoilers sortof)

In the comedy central special that just came out recently, one of The Amazing Jonathan’s final tricks is to disappear from behind a sheet and almost immediately reappear standing in a balcony over the audience.

Anybody see that show? How do you suppose he did it? I’m assuming it wasn’t camera tricks. It seemed to quick to involve climbing through a tunnel.

Was it an impersonator?


Might want to google Pendragons. The’ve been doing a much faster, much more fascinating illusion along that lines. There’s got to be a discussion out there somewhere that explains how it was done. I think it’s new to Amazing Jonathan’s routine, so you might not find any discussions as easy.
Oh… and I have no idea.

A wizard did it.

I heard he went to Colorado Springs and paid an eccentric inventor to build him a wondrous machine…

Man I love the Amazing Jonathan.

chugs bottle of Windex
I drink it when ever I have the desire to run around naked. This helps prevent streaking.

I bet he cheated with video tricks. He way more of a comedian then magician. As evidence by the $20 he tore up and then magically brought back together with the help of some tape.

Oh and thank you for the heads up, it starts in 10 minutes and was going to miss it. I’ve dropped about 80 hours in FFXII this past 12 days and I’ve lost touch with reality.

Ok, I think he just ran it. It wasn’t that far and he never actually was doing anything with the curtain, as soon as his head goes down he’s running it.

A really good special. Although he Lounge Lizards set is still the best. Of course he borrowed some bits from that for this one. He’s definitely gotten crazier then he used to be.