How do you use lemon curd?

Continuing on from my earlier thread about the merits of canned tuna…

I recently started shopping at a different grocery store than i’ve been going to. While examining the jellies I espied a jar of “Dickinson’s Lemon Curd”, which I don’t think i’ve noticed on a store shelf before. Intrigued by the labeling (If it’s British, it MUST be good!), I bought a jar. It’s delicious stuff - a bit like lemon meringue pie filling - but i’m not quite sure what to DO with it. I tried making a peanut butter & jelly sandwich with it, but the flavor of it was just too strong and seemed to clash with the bread. I’ve eaten a few spoonfuls of it straight, but that’s a bit too much. I’m curious as to what anyone out there who buys this stuff on a regular occasion uses it for. I’ve got an inkling that it might go well on a bagel with cream cheese - anyone tried that?

Layer it between two sponge cakes. Make homemade donuts with lemon filling. Lemon scones. Lemon meringue pie.

On biscuits instead of honey, on toast, or, best of all, fold in some whipped cream for lemon mousse. I usually end up eating it all by the spoonful, though.

on pound cake!

I just eat it on bread (toasted or not) or crackers. I spread it quite thickly, but it might help to spread it more thinly if it seems too sweet.

All of the above, but it is my once in a very long while treat on heavily dripping with butter english muffins.

If you bake blind tart shells in a muffin pan, or use special tiny tins for the tarts, you can cheat and blend lemon curd into vanilla pudding, pipe it into the shells and garnish with fresh berries or grated lemon zest.

Make your own and use in Delia’s Lemon Layer cake. Brilliant!

On scones or toasted English muffins. Best with clotted cream and blueberry or raspberry jam.

Crumpets! Toast crumpets until good and hot, and put a nice thick layer of lemon curd on them. Oh so fantastic.

Thank you very much, I will be thinking about crumpets all afternoon :frowning:

I make lime curd (I like it better than lemon) and fill cupcakes with it. Then the leftover goes on pound cake, or, y’know, on a spoon. :slight_smile:

Oh, you can also add it to buttercream frosting (to go on said cupcakes) and then you have a lovely flavored frosting.

My sister is a cupcake master, and she likes to use lemon curd as a filling. Our family is a big fan of lemon desserts. It makes the cake soft and moist as well as being extremely flavorful. Paired with a mildly lemon buttercream or cream cheese frosting, the intensity is pared down quite a bit.

Lemon curd is one of the big hits for cupcake fillings. It’s a good texture and consistency and it brings a lot of flavor to the party.

Other than putting it on scones, my favorite thing to do with it is mix it into plain greek yogurt and have it for breakfast.


I bake a four layer layer-cake with simple syrup and lemon curd between each layer. I prefer whipped cream to buttercream frosting. Yum.

Spread it on gingersnaps or any ginger cookie. The triple ginger cookie from Trader Joe’s is quite yummy.

Mix it with sour cream to make an amazing spread for anythign and everything. Also add a bit of tarragon and heat for a fantastic sauce on fish and angel hair pasta.

I am sooooo going to try this.

I like to strip,smear it all over my naked body and then…

Gosh I’m terribly sorry

I’ll get my coat
!I meant to say that I like to make a small lemon tart.

No I’ll get my coat.

On toasted English muffins or really anything. Truly one of my favorite things. Wish I had some right now.:frowning:

This is really, really good.