How does breastmilk taste to adults? Good enough for Starbucks?

I have to admit, never having been a parent or close enough to a nursing mom, I don’t know the answer to this. I don’t even know whether or not I was breastfed as an infant. :o

The reason I ask is that I came across this news story about women having a “nurse-in” protest at a Maryland Starbucks. I thought to myself – Starbucks could do a deal nation-wide with nursing moms. Nursing moms could pump and store their milk at Starbucks, and Starbucks sell a portion of it as a pricey drink flavoring to cover the cost. :smiley:

I’d certainly give a try to a “Mothers Milk Latte”, what I want to know is whether I would keep coming back for more. Is this a sound business idea, an idiotic fixation on breasts, both or neither? :smiley:

Call Otto and ask him to treat you to a beer and a game of darts. You have WAY too much time on your hands if you’re coming up with this kind of stuff! :smiley:

I’ve tasted it as an adult…accidentally…during a period of time while the missus was lactating, but not WHILE she was nursing and I was not actively *nursing * at the time but was nonetheless engaged with…you know!

It’s a lot sweeter than what the calves get. Quite nice in fact. Circumstances of incidental ingestion notwithstanding.

There’s room for a whole 'nother thread in this. There are fetish bars where you can get the stuff. Other stuff too. These are typically not official places like what you’ll find in the phone book…I’m led to understand. I dunno if the FDA could regulate the diet of the providers sufficiently to guaranty a marketable product.

I’ve thought about the libility issue, and I might have to start voting Republican to get around that one. Frankly, I don’t think it would be economically feasible to keep each supply separate and isolated. You’d need something like a daily common jug of some kind.

I would think that would be beneficial to infants, long term, exposing them to all the “flavors” of moms’… er, bounty. But I expect not everyone would buy into that opinion.

You read and respond to this thread within 5 minutes of its creation and I have too much time on my hands? :smiley:

I just have good timing :wink:

Well, I don’t drink coffee, so I rarely venture into a Starbucks, but I’d have to say it is way too good for Starbucks. (IIRC, and the missus is telling the truth, I have five kids.) Why would you possibly want some in any manner but straight from the source?

daily common jug?

Actually when breast milk is collected for donation, it is mixed, some what pasturised, and redistributed. Most places to donate officially you need to keep a food and meds diary.

Women who help out other women not as officially work out their own deal.

One of my online friends asked to buy some from me and I agreed, but he didn’t like my price ($500 per oz, 4oz min, plus shipping in dry ice charges) so there ya go.

China had arestaurant open for a while that served meals prepared with it that made news … was shut down offically iirc.


I can admit on this board that after China Bambina was born, I tried making cappucino. (after my wife got sick and couldn’t give the milk to china bambina). Let’s just say I won’t try that again. Different flavor but decent froth

I’m sure I don’t understand. I would think that mom with virus or some other moderately infectious malady would be a better source than totally healthy mom. Mama’s Moloko delivers antibodies and gives the baby’s immune system a head start. A mom with a raging immune system should do even better by delivering “environmentally relevant” antibodies. I’d have thought.

Except the the live virus would also be delivered with the milk. There’re no metal detectors at the gates, so to speak.

I dared my husband to try some of my breast milk that I had pumped, and since he did it, I agreed that I would, too. We both thought it tasted like cantaloupe juice. I have heard a couple of other people say the same thing. (but not about mine!! :o )

My hubby was always kinda skeeved about the whole lactation process (I dunno why; he’s generally not the squeemish type). He tasted it by accident a couple of times, and hated it! OTOH, his best friend loved it when his wife was lactating; couldn’t get enough of the home-grown milk! Oh, well. Different strokes, I guess.


So, uh, is human milk as thick as what the calves get? Same consistency?

Has anyone tried to make cheese with it?

FYI, there’s a pretty lively Pit thread going on about this as we speak:

Women push for public breastfeeding policy at Starbucks, stage “nurse-in”

Actually, the consistency changes during the nursing session. At the beginning of the session, the breastmilk is thin and watery, designed to satisfy the baby’s thirst; towards the end of the session, it thickens, and the fat content increases; this is designed to satisfy hunger. But I’d venture to say that even at it’s thickest, it’s not as thick as whole cow’s milk.

I’ve tasted GrizzWife’s breastmilk and I concur it’s sweeter. Much sweeter than cow’s milk.
But, I can’t recall having drunk cow’s milk that’s been just-collected, so perhaps my comparison is skewed.

Oh, and I don’t drink coffee or cappuccino or other such beverages, so I can’t testify to it’s use in that manner.

I prefer Baileys in my coffee. Now if you find a pair that dispense that, please be sure and let me know.

My oldest daughter’s name is Bailey. I’ll have her look you up in, oh, 20 years or so. :smiley:

In a way, it actually was cantaloupe juice…