How does "linking" work?

I received a notification yesterday that I had been linked to a post. Checking out the post and the thread, I noticed that the poster also had a Snoopy avatar. What is the point of this?

What is the post and thread you are referring to?

Since you are posting here instead of on facebook the CIA/FBI/Russians are having a harder time tracking you so this makes it easier to keep tabs on you.

Someone linked to a thread you created, and you were notified in case you might want to contribute since it was your thread that was mentioned.

Maybe a coincidence, maybe since you are both Peanuts fans your interests cross which is why the other poster was aware of your thread? Beats me.

Snoopy is cool so it’s not outlandish that two posters use him as an avatar. I’m pretty sure another regular poster has a Snoopy avatar also.

Thank you. Had totally overlooked the poster’s link and was only focused on Snoopy.