How does Multiquote work here?

I just tried multiquoting a couple of posters in the MPSIMS thread about attending weddings, and I could not get it to work. I ended up posting twice, out of frustration, which I seem to recall is frowned upon here, so apologies for that. I have just been to the vBulletin site and followed the instructions there and it really doesn’t seem to work.
Opera 60.0.3255.95 on Windows 10 if it makes any difference.
What am I doing wrong?

We’re you trying to multiquote or use nested quotes. You can do multiquotes by clicking the middle blue button at the bottom right of each post (it has a "+ on it) that you want to quote and hitting the “quote” button on the last one you want included or hitting the Advanced Reply button at the bottom.

Nested quotes, OTOH, you have to do manually. It’s nested quotes that are frowned upon, but only because they’re very easy to do incorrectly and end up with either your code showing or attributing the posts from one person to someone else (usually by not properly closing a quote).

But, you can do either.

Multi Quote

Nested Quote

Just posting again, because I wanted to try multiquoting you, but I think that whole nested quotes thing makes it not work. I wasn’t trying to do that, just quote two replies… gimme a minute…

Ah, OK I see what I’m doing wrong - you have to click the button itself, not the link.
Ignorance fought - thank you!

This looks much better to me and is achieved by simply moving all the {/QUOTE} to the end.

CMC fnord!

[quote=“crowmanyclouds, post:6, topic:834423”]

I agree, but they’re super easy to screw up which is why they turned off the option of having vB do it automatically.

[quote=“Joey_P, post:7, topic:834423”]


Edit: And see how quoting someone’s screwed up post has now made a different screw up where the quote is attributed to the wrong person.

Back when we had [automatic] nested quotes, it seemed like a good part of using them was fixing someone elses code to properly quote their post.