How does one contact a mod?

I have tried the PM function and I get a message saying that I’m not allowed to use it. Is there another way?

Just below PM on the mod’s profile is the e-mail link. There is no PM on this board. You can also use the “Report This Post” button if you’re reporting a post.

Thank you very much!

For a list, see here:

Straight Dope Message Board Forum Leaders


I can’t seem to find the “report this post” button. Does it matter which browser I use? I’m using Opera.

It’s the little red bordered triangle next to the post number in each individual post.

I don’t use Opera, so this may be a little different, but, in the upper left-hand corner of the post in question should be a little three-sided sign (like a “Yield” sign). Click on that to report a bad post.

Check that. It’s the upper RIGHT-hand corner.


It should be noted that if you’re looking at a post you yourself made, there is no Report Post button.

You can only report posts of other posters.

Surely there’s a joke to be made about Blackpool beach and guys on scooters? :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it. Thanks

One more thing. Is the PM function disabled?

Yes, it is.