How does one find Whoopi's comments?

Given the internet’s reputation for publishing everything at the moment it’s said, or even before, how does one go about finding the terrible terrible things that Whoopi said about the Shrub? I Googled Whoopi and comments, and only got news stories. She probably didn’t hand out her comments ahead of time, but how does one find reports of the actual statements? dopers? xo C.

On Air America Radio, they said Whoopi made a sexual pun on Mr. Bush’s last name. Because of the FCC’s newfound concern about indecency on the airwaves, that was as close as they could get. In reaction, the folks at Slim-Fast dropped Ms. Goldberg as their company spokesmodel.

The AAR folks further said that Dennis Miller, in introducing Mr. Bush at a fundraiser, made a gay-bashing joke implying the Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards were gay. Mr. Bush made no effort to chide Mr. Miller for his joke.

It seems odd that the Slim Fast folks apparently hired Whoopi without knowing that she often does bawdy material, and now they’re shocked, shocked that she told a sexual joke. :smack:

You’re on the right track–try “whoopi bush” on GoogleNews (enjoying the sensation of such a once-in-a-lifetime Google search string), and then browse.

And another one (again from the UK - how prudish is the American media, ferinappropriate religious reference deletedsakes?):

Republicans were outraged? Good grief, that’s a good reason to fire somebody.


Generally, I don’t like making fun of people’s names; it’s childish, and irrelevant to their merits as people or elected officials. But for Christ’s sake, when the Pres. and VP and named Bush and Dick, what can one expect?

And for that matter, what the hell did they expect when they asked Whoopi to speak?