How Does One Grow Into a Toilet Seat?

Whyowhyowhyowhyowhyowhyowhyowhy did I click on that link?

‘Supporting neck muscles’ doesn’t adequately describe what’s going on. The head is tipping off its normal support, i.e. the spine. With a normal person, if the muscles which control such motions are relaxed as when asleep, the head falls far and fast enough to awaken them. If there’s restriction in the motion of the head itself due to fat deposits around the neck, and also greater restrictions and inertia from a much larger torso, the motion will be much gentler and smaller.

To put it another way with a rather blunt analogy: a lot of the support on the body from the seat which enables most people to sleep during a long-haul economy-class flight could be provided by parts of an obese body. (Nobody is saying she slept a solid eight hours and felt refreshed in the morning!)

Why would it interfere with flushing? And frankly, she was in the perfect place to be having that monthly visitor and have it not be terribly inconvenient.

I see the name of the sheriff in the toilet seat matter is Mr. Whipple.

in a non-board discussion, the main flushing issues were: back-splash, her being stuck, and toilet paper.

My husband and I were talking about situations like this the other day. It was a mostly disjointed conversation, but at one point I took his hand and joked that I would never ever let go, and sooner or later we’d be stuck together when our skin fused, and we’d have to do everything together, like Stewie and Brian in the Family Guy super-glue episode. He let go of me when I told him I’d need help with things like tampons, though!

But anyways… is it theoretically possible, that two people holding hands, or even two areas of a single stationary person, could fuse together after a long time? I guess the ring link above suggests that it could be.

Another report I read briefly this morning (it’s been a crazy day, but that’s another story) seemed to imply that for at least a little while, she wasn’t stationary on the seat, but rather, refused to leave the bathroom itself. Eventually, I gather, she remained on the seat long enough to…

I am fascinated by these stories, and of the poor soul who was fused to the couch.

I wonder… I guess the toilet couldn’t have been cleaned during this time? I wonder if she could have used the toilet as a makeshift bidet during or after menstruation?

I wonder. I just shake my head, and wonder.

I’m going to make this point in a rather blunt manner…apologies…

If you can cope with having a toilet seat becoming embedded into your skin, who cares about a few pieces of blood or shit doing the same?

That was going to be my reaction, too. I’m pretty sure that her having grown over the toilet seat wasn’t the single only thing wrong with that picture by the time they got her out of there.

I remember one morning when I was still living at home, my mom woke me up to come help her with a stray cat that was laying in our front yard dying. So I climb out of bed, put on some PJ bottoms, and follow her out.

There was this pitiful orange, white, and black tabby laying out in our yard. It was obviously starved, and it seemed barely conscious. Other than that, it appeared normal at first. So I put on a pair of work gloves (just in case) and gently pushed the cat a couple of times to see if it was able to get up. It wasn’t, so I picked the guy up so we could take him to the vet.

Imagine my horror when I lifted him up and discovered that his left paw (the one previously hidden under his body) was caught inside his collar. Obviously, this was the likely reason he’d been starving to death. It’s a terrible thing when that happens, which is another good reason to always make sure collars are as tight as they can be without being discomforting. So I tell my mom to bring me some scissors so I can cut the collar off, only to discover something even worse :frowning:

The cat’s leg had been caught in the collar for so long that the leg was fused to the side of his face and neck. When we took him to the vet, they said there wasn’t much they could do for him and put him down.

I’d take the statements about being ‘grown’ to the toilet seat with a grain of salt. She may have been immobile on the seat for long enough for skin breakdown and subsequent partial healing to encapsulate the seat; but there could have been a series of events that led her to be stuck to the seat over a fairly short period of time; say only a day or two.

Suppose that she is obese, and her tissues are soft enough to drape over the edges of the seat. She then sits on the seat for some unbroken stretch - it could have been as short a period of time as overnight - and develops sciatic neuropathy from the pressure on the nerves. She may even have developed a compartment syndrome, where damaged muscle tissue swells inside its connective tissue sheath and cuts off its own blood supply (see ‘gluteal compartment syndrome’). At any rate, blood pools in her legs and perineum and they start to swell. Infection is mentioned in the article, which could contribute to swelling. At any rate, what was previously soft, floppy fatty tissue is now tensely swollen and firm. She’s stuck to the seat by the swelling, and it wouldn’t have to take months.

Sure, but that’s when you call 911. Not a few years later.

I wonder if she had TV and a computer in there. If not, what the hell did she do all day?? If she fuzed to the toilet seat she wasn’t showering, or even wiping…YIKES!
And you know her “boyfriend” wasn’t getting any.

Just because her nether regions may have been out of action that doesn’t mean there weren’t other options available.

I don’t think so - there would be tissue rejection problems. I suppose it’s possible that the interlocked fingers could swell and somehow fuse around each other (but to themselves, not each other), and that would be a big, difficult-to-separate mess.

My lump my lump. My lump my lump my lump. My lump my lump. My lovely little lump.

Check it out!

Also to fuse she would have to not be lifting a cheek to wipe her arse, so if she’s constantly shitting and not wiping wouldn’t she get some sort of ass rot and die long before two years was up?

That’s a thought, too…if she wasn’t cleaning up when she defecated, I can’t see how she’d avoid having problems with flies, especially flies reproducing. It’s a concept that my mind even now is trying to shy away from formulating, though…

Women can wipe from the front, leaving the ass in place. It’s not recommended, because you increase the chances of fecal contamination of the vagina*, but it’s possible.
*Which, as I think on it, isn’t such a concern if the labia are constantly pulled open, as I assume hers were. Fecal bacteria generally won’t infect if there’s air contact. For most women, as soon as we stand up, we’ve created a nice moist dark environment not unlike a petri dish for bacteria to grow in - hers was nice and dry, if not overly clean.

Speaking of concepts that my mind is shying away from formulating…