How Does One Grow Into a Toilet Seat?

Okay, I’m sure you’ve all seen the news, so you know about the lady in Kansas who grew into the toilet seat. An acquaintance told a similar story about a person who grew into a La-Z-Boy and died when medical people attempted to remove them. Another acquaintance is crying foul, saying it’s impossible to grow into another object.

Can anyone provide any scientific basis or understanding for how it would work? I tried Googling & searching the archives, but that got me nothing.

Hmm. I think this would make for a very timely column, too…

Linky for those who may have missed it.

I don’t buy the “grow into” thing either, as adult isn’t growing anymore are they? My guess is they really meant “stuck together” from sweat and whatnot.

I pictured it as being more along the lines of the way the skin on one’s ring finger grows around a wedding ring over time, only on a much larger scale and with flesh that’s much more prone to sag and stretch, essentially wrapping around and enveloping the edges of the seat.

The couch/chair thing is easy - upholstery isn’t smooth. So you get a bedsore (an open wound from the pressure of skin sitting there and blood pooling there on the inside - think of a really big blister and you’re close) and then your body weight means that some of those fibers in the upholstery get in the wound. Your skin heals, making scar tissue, right around those fibers - they’re essentially like body piercings now. Viola*, you’ve “grown into” the surface of the furniture.

On a smooth toilet seat? I have no idea.

*Happy Spring!

Now I’m imaging how hard it would be for a man to grow into a piccolo.

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i’m reckoning in the toilet case, it would be rather like a tree that grows into a fence. for her to grow into the seat, she would have to not move much and gain weight. her boyfriend was giving her food and drink. the reports of the condition of her legs would make aerobics a bit difficult. i’m basing my reckoning on weight gain.

the seat has a hole in it (as we all know) and as weight would be added to her sit upon it would go through the hole and then the seat would be enveloped by tush above and below the opening and the seat would become part of the tuchas.

the woman who grew into the couch was very obese, not able to move much at all. so she wasn’t leaving the couch to use the facilities. as waste would eat away at her skin the couch fabric would adhere. imaginations can take the further ness. steps to complete the process.

i’m wondering how on earth in the first few days or weeks, she managed not to fall off the “throne” while sleeping. after her being stuck she wouldn’t be able to… but before that happened.

But even if the seat is possible, it would require her not moving an inch the whole time, right? Any shifting of the buttocks would break the connection needed to “fuse”, right?

I know that my legs start to go numb after about 15 minutes on the seat from nerves being blocked. Hers must have atrophied. One wonders also about whether they were celibate during the period.

Whynot is on the right track IME. I have seen someone stuck to sheets like this via bedsores. It was Soooooo nasty…

There are soft toilet seats that have a thin vinyl covering with foam for internal cushion. It wouldn’t be that strange to think that it was one of those. After all, she lived in the bathroom, so it would make sense to have soft seat.

Police officers who work in big cities see things along these lines. I’ve heard more than one story about people growing into their matresses.

her legs were reported to have atrophied.

i did not wonder about celibacy, (until you mentioned it, i would imagine so). i wondered more about bathing, flushing, and being a woman in her 30’s, a common monthly occurance.

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Shame on YOU, Barack Obama!!

I think maybe this is why it’s usually fat people in these reports - we can move further without moving, if you know what I mean. I can shift a great deal without breaking the skin to surface contact.

I have no idea how fat or slim the toilet seat woman was, however.

Her upper mass could move around while the contact area would remain stationary, I would imagine. Put your finger on a surface and apply pressure and wiggle it around. The contact patch can remain stationary.

Kind of creepy link about a “lost” wedding ring.

For a person of average weight, the head is a seventh of the total body weight, IIRC. This lolling to one side provides enough jolt to wake people. Most people. Most sober people.

Now, if you weigh several times the average weight, little of that has been added to the head. It’s all around the centre of gravity, placed firmly over the throne. Falling asleep becomes much easier. Hell, you’ve might even have your own fat-tissue version of those blow-up neck-cushions you can find for sale at airports.

But the mass beneath the head is irrelevant, no? Ultimately, we are talking about the mass of the head in relation to the supporting neck muscles, I think.

Um…I spent the weekend pretty much on the throne (stomach flu) and I more than nodded off several times. My sink’s right next to the toilet, y’see, and it was easier to just fold my arms on the nice, cool countertop and sleep with my head on my arms, sitting up on the toilet. And convenient, considering what I was there for.

There’s some TMI for ya. :wink: