How does Pizza Pizza compare to American pizza chains?

I’d never heard of Pizza Pizza (aside from the Little Ceasar’s motto) before watching Undercover Boss Canada on Netflix.

So, how does it compare to US chains in terms of taste?

It looks to me to taste somewhere between Dominos and Papa Johns, but that’s only based on a visual guess.

Any anecdotes about the chain are also welcome in this thread.

From what I recall it’s on par with Dominos or Roundtable. It’s late night drunk food.

Round Table is much higher quality (and higher price) than budget pizza places like Dominos. Yes, it’s still a chain, but if they taste the same to you, you must have a really crappy Round Table.

I could compare it to other Canadian pizza chains, but I’m not sure that would be very useful. I haven’t had Domino’s Pizza or Pizza Hut for a long time and I’ve never had Papa John’s…

In my opinion, it’s just a bog-standard fast food pizza chain with nothing distinctive about it.

The last time I liver near a Round Table, it was pretty crappy, so yes, I suppose that I did have a really crappy Round Table.

It’s really crappy pizza. Their success is based entirely on an easy to remember phone number in Toronto (967-1111) with the most irritating jingle imaginable - an earworm that even a drunk can remember. They used to offer a 30 minutes or it’s free guarantee, but that has been modified because it was encouraging some spectacularly unsafe driving.

The pizza itself is horrible - even Pizza Hut pizza is better. The thousands of mom & pop pizza joints in Toronto are infinitely better. But drunk/stoned college students have made this company a fortune over the years.

Pretty popular in the UK. Probably seen as more middle class than Pizza Hut. Certainly the decor is angling for that market.

Really bottom of the barrel pizza. Cheap and, as they say, pizza is like sex; even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

Ewww, liver pizza.

It’s the McDonalds of pizza.

They mention that in the show, for obvious reasons. They say that border patrol people have asked people what the number is to verify that they’re really residents.

Pizza Hut, at least where I live, did the same thing with their number (895-1111) and there is no way I could ever forget it due to the jingles.

Here, get irritated.

Oh, I figured out a U.S. chain to compare it to – it’s roughly the same quality (or lack thereof) as Little Caesar’s, IMO.

Now I really want mediocre pizza for dinner tonight! :smack:

Huh… I remember a line in the **Moxy Fruvous **song “King of Spain” about working at a Pizza Pizza, but I always assumed it was a reference to Little Caesers, which had “Pizza Pizza!” as their catchphrase for a long time.

It’s pretty ordinary pizza, no worse than Domino’s but better than Papa John’s, imho. I was impressed with their level of automation as far back as 10 years ago. We’d call from my ex-FIL’s house in Toronto and they’d already have the address and CC# on file and quickly confirm. When they answered, they would know the previously-ordered “favorites” and ask if we wanted them. But then I discovered the chili pepper, garlic and ginger pizza at Pizza Depot and haven’t had Pizza Pizza since. You can’t replicate a true NY-style pizza up there, but I still look forward to that Pizza Depot pie.