Pizza Hut's new promotion

Pizza Hut’s new promotion is 6 flatbread pizzas with up to 3 toppings each, ordered in pairs, for 11.99.

Anyone try them?

yep - twice now - we like them.

You mean you guys aren’t getting the poutine pizza?

As a professional pizza tester I’ll look into this situation immediately.

Pizza Hut sells pizzas now? I only go there for the wings and the calzones.

I’m torn on whether or not to try them. On one hand, I like to go to Pizza Hut specifically for their pan pizza. Like how I go to McDonalds specifically for their cheeseburger (not when I want just any old cheeseburger).

On the other hand, I have enjoyed their thin crust pizza, which I didn’t think I’d like. I don’t like thin crust in general but they did a good job with it (probably because it’s greasy as hell)

So…flatbread? Looks lovely in the ads but what if I don’t like it? That’s $12 worth of dinner gone to the dog!

My wife and I stopped going to Pizza Hut years ago because we could no longer stand the taste of their pizzas. The sauce was overly sweet, and the pizza itself was invariably overdone or burned every time, and this was from two of their locations.

Also, Pizza Hut pizza didn’t really taste like pizza to us. Oh, it was much better than the abomination called pizza sold in grocery stores, and significantly better than the garbage Domino’s tries to pass off as pizza, but that’s really not saying much. In my opinion, Papa John’s, which I also don’t love, is better than Pizza Hut. Uno’s is also better, if you’re going to go with chain restaurant pizza, which is probably the problem right there.

The best pizza I have ever tasted were from holes in the wall in New York. The closest approximation of the New York pizza flavor that I can get near me in NJ is a tiny place called Rosario’s in Bordentown. Their pizza is appropriately foldable, not too thick, not overly cheesed, great aroma, mouthfeel, and consistency. Almost perfect. …hey, no pizza’s perfect, but Rosario’s comes close. I’m not really a fan of Chicago style.

All of the above stated, $11.99 for six pizzas sounds amazing …although I don’t know what I’d do with six pizzas. Are they small?

Doing a little estimation and math, it looks to me like it should be the equivalent surface area of about a 15" pizza. Each piece is supposed to be a single serving.

ETA: There’s a picture of it here (the box is two-feet long). It looks somewhat intriguing, as I prefer thin crust, but (as far as I remember) I don’t like the sweetness of Pizza Hut’s sauce. It’s a reasonable deal, but not crazy so.

The nice thing about these is that there is ‘much less sauce’ and you can more easily say “person X gets a,b,c, person Y gets c,d,f”, etc - so - nice crisp thin crust - lighter on the sauce, easily dividable portions.



We have long secretly suspected that panache45 was a shill for Big Pizza.

We now have proof.

And here I was checking to make sure my link didn’t go to something inappropriate by accident.

Only if “pizza” is a euphemism for . . . uh . . . something else.

HA! I caught you!

From this thread, earlier this morning. It was all a setup to start this thread, wasn’t it. WASN’T IT???!

SHILL! Shill, I say!

Actually just had three slices/sections/whatever you call them. Have three more to save for leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Not bad. Yes, my local ex-New Yorker owned hole in the wall pizza joint has better pizza. But for $11, this was a good deal. To me, it tastes about like their thin crust pizza, which I prefer to pan or Sicilian crust.

I tried them the other day and was very disappointed. Been a pizza hut fan for a long time and when these were delivered with no sauce, cold and the chosen toppings just apparently tossed in the box by a blind person, I wrote the company. First time ever been really upset by a food order. Corporate emailed an apology back with coupons, but i’m still disappointed.

Wow, if you had three they must be smallish. Bummer, it looked like a good deal to try.

“Overly cheesed”? What does that mean? :slight_smile:

Are you questioning my phrasing or my assertion that a pizza can have too much cheese? :slight_smile:

If the latter, then yeah, I’ve had plenty of pizza with obscenely copius amounts of cheese, to the point where it was impossible to eat the pizza without having to chew up wads of mozzarella with each bite. Ugh.