How does the Starcraft community feel about SC 2 being released in 3 parts?

I’m just curious. I liked SC but I’m not rabid about it but I know alot of people are. I’m curious how Blizzards announcement that it will be released (likely) over a 3 year period is sitting with the fans. I know there are a lot of them here.

Um, what? Got a link to this?

My impression is based mainly on reading the SC2 forum at teamliquid. Reactions are mixed but largely positive or neutral, since the terran campaign will be approximately as much content as all the campaigns combined from the original. Needing to buy the game and both expansions in order to access full multiplayer capability is probably the big sticking point, as teamliquid is a collection of fans strongly into competitive online play. Reasonable comparisons to SC + BW being needed in the original series are made, and I think mostly accepted. The only real difference here is that we know ahead of time that there will be expansions we need to buy.

There are obviously some irate fans announcing their intention to boycott the game as a result of this decision, but overall the expectation seems to be that Blizzard will use this format to deliver a truly awesome single-player experience. Most of TLers are more concerned with a balanced and exciting multiplayer, and if that’s achieved then almost anything will be forgiven.

If you want the impression of more casual fans, consider this sample to be badly skewed.

Here is a link to the official faq. It says there will be a base campaign and 2 expansions.

Sounds kind of nice, although I don’t relish the increased wait or cost. I don’t think they’d release a crippled multiplayed component until all three are released, but rather just add a few units with the expansions as usual.

The Terran campaign sounds interesting, kind of like the Orc campaign from the Frozen Throne, with kind of a mercenary feel to it.

As to how most fans will react, they will fill Blizzard’s coffers to the brim.

This puts my mind at ease

I like the way this sounds. Story, characters and cinematics have always been at the core of Blizzard’s games, and this looks like its stepping it up to a new level. And if the campaigns are as long as they say it will be worth the wait.

Yeah, sounds cool. Except that if I interpret it correctly, only the Terran campaign will be available at first, and not, like in Starcraft 1, half of the Terran, Zerg and Protoss campaigns?
Maybe that’s a good thing, but I just know I’ll be dying to play the other races’ campaigns. :slight_smile:

Warhammer 40K and Company of Heroes managed it quite well; the key to the game’s survivability, in the game, is still the strength of its editor and multi-player game.