Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty - Official thread

I did a forum search for threads with “Starcraft” in the title in Cafe Society and it just returned some brief anticipatory threads. Has there really not been a thread on SC2 since it came out? Well anyway, here is one.

I got the game a few weeks ago but have been so insanely busy that I didn’t have time to really get into it until this weekend. It’s got a pretty familiar look and feel to the original SC so I’m picking up quickly. I did my qualifying matches and won 3/5 to place in the Gold League for 1v1 and won 4/5 in 2v2 and placed Platinum League. Although in 2v2 I had some really good partners so I’m afraid that I got placed too high and am in for some ass-whooping.

I’ve also been going through the campaign, although I’m pretty pissed that they only released the Terran campaign with the game and you’re going to have to pay for the others. That’s just lame, and I won’t buy them on principle.

And even though I have always been a Zerg fanboy I find the Zerg to be tough to play, and for a number of reasons it really feels like they are at a disadvantage compared to the other two races (slow tech development, higher resource cost due to drones getting used for buildings, and the units just seem weak and easily countered by anything Terrans make). During the practice league matches I was getting stomped as Zerg, then switched to Protoss and started destroying people.

Any initial impressions/thoughts? Anyone been doing well in the multiplayer leagues?

Oh I’m retarded. I forgot that we have the Game Room now.

I disagree with you about the separate campaign strategy. Think about this. Blizzard released an expansion pack for every game since Warcraft 2, and every expansion since Brood War was planned from the beginning. At least one Starcraft 2 expansion was inevitable anyway. With the new system, Blizzard can focus on an in-depth and exciting campaign for a single race, and they don’t have to compromise their story-telling by splitting up the missions into chunks of 8-10. Also, they are not splitting up the multiplayer part of the game. That part is finished, and will probably only see a new unit for each race with the expansion packs.

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