How does this scam work?

I keep seeing advertisements on the web for places willing to sell large quantities of narcotics, sedatives, anabolic steroids, and other serious no-nos.
I know it is some kind of scam but how does it work? Do they just charge your credit card and then ignore you? Has the DEA gone out of business?
As an oh-by-the-way, this doesn’t apply to me in Saudi. A beer will get a guy locked up for months, I don’t even want to think what would happen if someone were shipping narcotics into the Kingdom. S



Well, I don’t know the specifics of how such scams work (and wouldn’t post them if I did) but generally speaking, some of the shipments are of real drugs, some are fake drugs and some never get shipped. I just read an article online about some recent raids on drug shipments coming in from Canada through some of these sites with tests indicating that some 2/3 of the orders were filed with counterfeit drugs, drugs approved only for animal use and so on. Can’t find a link at the moment, however.

Actually, there are online pharmacies that will sell medications, even controlled substances (schedule III and below, generally, which means no Ritalin or OxyContin or morphine or cocaine or other schedule II drugs), with just a phone consultation with a real doctor. Some of them go a step further and only require an online “consultation” with a doctor, which usually amounts to filling out a questionnaire. And there are even more online pharmacies where you can fill a prescription you already have from your local doctor.

The phone/online consultation setup is evidently on somewhat shaky ground legally and ethically, and the FDA and others are still working on getting them banned, I believe. Frankly, I don’t see the big deal about it, but I’m sure it will eventually be outlawed.

And why do they keep offering me a drug called ‘Soma’? :confused:

Heh heh … shades of Brave New World, eh, bluecanary? IIRC, Soma is actually a muscle relaxant. It was one of the drugs Dana Plato (of Different Strokes, etc. fame) was using when she overdosed, as well as hydrocodone, a synthetic opioid analgesic. And maybe others, but those were the only two I heard about.

I have been taking soma for quite a few years now due to injuries. It is a slug of synthetic morphine and is very enjoyable.(you dream in color) Fortunenately, I cannot refill before a certain date. Highly addictive stuff, as powerful as a woman.

My wife has some serious medical conditions, (thymoma) and every time I looked up her meds on the net I kept seeing these pharmacies offering controlled drugs through the mail. It made me wonder what the heck was going on.
It is hard to believe that (if I lived in the US) I could fill out a form and get codiene or something similar delivered through the mail.

Thanks again.