How Dressy is Harry Caray's

I am attending a reception (for ALA) there soon and want to know how gussied up I need to get. I wouldn’t dream of jeans, but are we talking formal cocktail attire or can I “get away with” a silky blouse/slacks etc?

Can you tell I don’t get out much? Any help is appreciated.

It’s a nice place but not formal. Blouse and slacks should be fine.

Last time I was there, there were plenty of people in jeans, but if you’re at a formal reception, I agree with Ed. Slacks and nice blouse will do fine.

Rigs, tight fitting slacks, low cut blouse. Run it by me first, so’s you know it’s all good, m’kay?

:rolleyes: Yep, I’ll get right on that…

Ta, all–now I just need a dressy blouse and slacks. Augh–this is WHY I never go out. I can’t stand fussy clothes.

Trust me. Harry isn’t going to care.

Holy Cow!
No kidding. I actually wouldn’t care if Harry cared— I care.