How easily could you be turned to the Dark Side?

Well? Let’s use a scale of 1-100, with 100 meaning you are pretty much an evil bastard anyway and just have to get fitted for a black helmet and cape.

I think I would score in the 20’s.

hummm…i’d have to say about 114!

Depends on the job requirements. I look good in black, and the helmet would hide my bad hair days.

If it means getting my novel published, however, sign me up!

I’d say I’m about a 60. I have a problem with authority, be it in school(4 Suspensions Thus Far this Year) or with the law(3 arrests from 13-17), but I am also a considerate person not given to assaults on those undeserving. So…a 60 is about right.

Well, I would have to say in the 70’s. I would always use it for small little [sub]illegal[/sub] things which I won’t get into here. But I would also use it for some good. If there was some poor kitten stuck in a tree, I’d help it out.

But the ‘evil’ deeds would probably out do the ‘good’ deeds.

95 or so. I’d go to the Dark Side for a Klondike bar, or at least beat up that guy and take his.

30-40, but if i get powers with the evil, 100+ at a low end.

The path to the Dark Side is easy, which is good. Easy power kicks ass. 'Course, if I would be able to get “good” power, I’d probably go for that instead.

Then again, if that means a lot of work, count me out.

Let’s say 59 (remember, most of the bad-guy-higher-ups ended up getting psychically choked out.)

I’d say that I’m automatically up to 90 simply for being a PE teacher.

Depends on whether my dad’s Darth Vader or not.

If evil’s the family business, and all I gotta do is play my cards right to inherit the whole shebang, then I’m in, y’know?

But if it’s gonna be a lot of hard work with little to show for it, then I might as well be good. :wink:

If the Dark Side involves stomping around, telling off the Jeezers in the grocery store, and harassing minions, count me in as about a 150.

Less than 10. I’ve had my fill of ineffectual, lazy punks turning to the dark side because it’s easier. Give me the hard way–the people have a lot more character.

Can I be on the gray side of the force? You know, I enjoy doing really mean and nasty things, but only to people who deserve them? If that’s possible, then put my score somewhere in the high 90’s.

Otherwise, about 70.

I think I’m a 50. I’m evil but I don’t want to be on the losing side.

It depends, some days a 40, some days a 1000!!! Society rewards “evil”. Dark side, HERE I COME!!! :smiley:

I think you have your verb tenses confused, young disciple. Perhaps your question should have been “how easily were you turned to the Dark Side?” :smiley:

I’m an 8. Maybe only a 3. Brave of heart and firm of conviction, that’s me. Less likely to be turned than Dudley Doright. Really.

I doubt it could really happen at all.

I am an occassional bitch, but hurting people just isn’t fun. Ever.

I’m with Medea’s Child on this one. Really. Except when it comes to car salesmen, checkout clerk and inept customer service reps. Then my odds go to 50-50.

So you’ve never read any of the telemarketer threads in the Pit, then. :smiley: