How far can you suck it in?

I can suck in my abdominal muscles to make myself look ‘super thin’. If I draw my abdominal muscles in far enough, there is a cavity that forms under my ribcage. It is just about the size and shape to fit a football in. So I can stick a football inside my ribcage :smiley:

Every now and then I like to stand on my head and see how much water I can fit in there. When I puff my stomach back out, the water ‘explodes’ out, as if I ruptured something. :stuck_out_tongue:

My dad can suck his stomach in so far you can see the bulge where the front of his vertibrae are. :eek:

Heh. Mislead by another thread title.

Sounds like I can do the same thing, though perhaps to a lesser extent. It sickens everyone I show it to.

If I get my heart rate up, you can see it beating through the “V” of my ribs. Awesome. :cool:

I personally can’t suck in my gut that far.

I know this one chick, however, who can suck in her gut enough to be able to grab around her lowest rib. It’s downright disgusting to see, actually.