How far do you walk in a day? How fast do you walk?

I got off a bus today and my destination was 2.7 miles away. I calculated a little over 3 mph, which jibes with other walking.

Anyway, it’s a quarter-mile from my bus to my office so I walk half a mile every day I go to the office. And I usually get out for a mile in the afternoon and frequently a mile at lunchtime. Not a lot of walking on the job. So I’m only walking about 2-1/2 miles a day, and then only three days a week. :frowning:

How far do you walk in a day? How fast do you walk?

My pace is probably around 3.4 mph or so. I average about 4 miles a day, depending on the season.

I can do a half mile in about 7 minutes, so doubled that’s 1 mile per 15 minutes or 4 mph.

Around here, I walk about 4 mph - it’s fairly hilly. I’m quite a bit slower when carrying a load, pushing a wheelbarrow, etc. I walk around 5-8 miles on an average day, but at least half of it is while working on the yard, so that portion’s at the slower pace.

I do 7 miles a day during the work week. In the morning, I’m full of energy and motivation to get to work on time, so I walk a brisk 3.5 MPH. But in the afternoon, I’m kind of tired and pensive, so I do more like 3.0 MPH.

On the weekend, I can walk crazy amounts but I usually just do the two mile commute from home to the grocery store.

It varies, but I’d average about 8km per day. My pace is somewhere between 5 and 6km/h.

My average walking speed over an hour of continuous walking is 7.3 km/h or 4.5mph. I routinely walk app. 20 km at one go, and have a couple times walked non-stop for 30-35 km (<22 miles). I like walking.

I take a walk almost every evening around my neighborhood, and the Google pedometer indicates it’s about two miles if I cover all the streets plus the school. I walk briskly.

I am not including my workplace, which is built on hills and ramps and stairs. I can’t go as fast there–too many people, and I am lugging a trolley carrier.

Until 2 1/2 years ago I walked 12.5 miles per day, 5 or 6 days a week.
I was a mailman, lol.
Now I do a little over 5 a day, with mixed running and walking. Depending on the mix it takes between 53 minutes and an hour 15.
None of this includes miscelaneous walking, like going to the fridge for beer or chasing kids off the lawn.

I walk about 3.5 miles every day. I walk 2 beagles in the park. We go up and down hills . It is hard to gage the speed because of all the stopping for pee breaks and sniffing. The dogs do it too ,so I have no idea of rate.
I walk to Krogers for groceries. That is about 3/4 of a mile one way. Trip is not bad but bags cut through your hands and I shift the weight back and forth. I walk anywhere I can.

Don’t walk nearly as much as we used to when we lived in Berlin or NYC, but both my partner and I must walk pretty fast, as everyone complains about it when they walk with us anywhere.

I think if you ever live in a big city, where you walk a lot (not LA), you learn how to zip through crowded streets and get used to moving at a brisk clip even for long distances.

On workdays I walk 3 to 3.5 miles. On weekends, not so much (ha! a legitimate use for “not so much”).

As to how fast, it depends. If it’s cold enough I move very fast to keep warm, which puts me at something over 4 mph. If it’s nice I prefer to walk at a more moderate 3 mph, especially now that I’m older.

I do about 3 miles or so, depending on how ambitious my afternoon walk is. I also climb about 20 flights of stairs or so a day, depending on how often I go out.

I work on an assembly line, we’ve played around with pedometers before and come up with numbers like 7-10 miles per shift depending on which position one is working. It’s constant slow walking, though, not like actual exercise, so I doubt it really counts for much.

I have short legs for my height and plantar fasciitis, I tend to walk at a snail’s pace unless I’m with someone that forces me to catch up.

Though it’s certainly not every day, I’ll walk from my apartment to my school and back out of boredom every week or so, which is a good 6.5-6.75 mi (each way). I get there in about 1.75 hrs (1 hour and 45 minutes), leaving me at a little under 4 mph (3.71), you could probably be fair and round it up taking traffic signals into account.

On an AVERAGE day, I’d say I walk somewhere around 7-8 miles, since I tend to take a 2-2.5 hour walk for fun near every day, the walking around school is just parking lot to class so if I don’t take a walk it’s a negligible distance.

All in all I’d say:
Forced to walk: Less than a mile
Walk on average: 7.5-8 mi
Now and then: 13(ish) mi
Walking speed: 4mph

Whatever me speed is it causes this situation: I walk just fast enough that people complain that I’m losing them, and they always without fail ask me why I’m “in such a hurry.” I’m not in a hurry, I just walk fast, friggin slowpoke.

I do about two miles a day when I get any walking in (I can’t walk to work – too far).

My pace is pretty fast. At least 4 mph.

3-4 miles on an average day.
1 mile total from house>train>office on either end.
Probably close to another mile going to and from workout over lunch.
And another mile worth of dog walks.

When I’m golfing (2-3X a week) that’s probably another 3 miles.
Just walking, my pace is 3-4 mph. I used to walk very fast - would be the fastest pedestrian on the street.
Have slowed down nearing the end of my 5th decade.

I recently started walking again to try to get in better shape. My daily life involves very little walking, but I have been going out three or four times a week for the past month or so, usually going about four miles. I walk at about 3.5 to 3.75mph. Saturday I went for distance and got in 7.5 miles, but at a slower pace, probably around 3 to 3.3mph.

Five days a week, 2.5-3 miles. House to bus to work and back again.

The longest segments are a mile, up and over a hill, and take about 20 minutes.

It averages to about 7 miles a day. Three 15 mile walks and a little bit on the rest of the week.

I have no idea how fast. 4mph? It takes me a bout 3.5 hours to cover the 15, I’d finish sooner but it’s all in an urban area with alot of stop and go because of traffic.