How far is your daily commute to work?

I just moved, and I now live 1.1 miles from my office. It is a thing of beauty. Only once in my life have I had a commute like this, and back then, I was too young and stupid to really appreciate it. No such problems now – I love it.

So how far is your daily commute? And please include total time if you post in the thread.

Note: Please take into account total commute distance using all methods of transportation. If you drive a mile to a train station and then ride a train for 23 miles, please consider your commute to be 24 miles.

Depends. On easy days my commute is 20 feet down - my teaching studio is in my house. On other days I have a four block walk or bike ride to the cab company where I drive p/t.

Mine is 3 miles, 7 or 8 minutes with no traffic. Most mornings it’s more like 12 minutes because of traffic. In the summer I’d kind of like to ride my bicycle, but it’s basically straight up hill and I’m in no mood to work that hard so early in the morning, so I drive.

1.55 miles. A 5 minute drive in heavy traffic, about 3 when it’s clear.

I love my job :slight_smile:

Oh, and to answer my own question, my commute to work takes 4-7 minutes in the morning, and more like 10-15 going home. I know that sounds strange, but traffic patterns in downtown LA really suck in the evenings, and combined with the somewhat awkward one-way streets, it can make things take far longer than it seems should be necessary.

If there were no traffic it’d probably take 20 minutes by car. At the moment it takes me about 40-50 minutes from my house to my office - I take a cab to the subway station and then spend about ten minutes on the subway.

I telecommute two days a week. I voted for the distance I commute on the other three days.

It’s about 110 miles each way to the office. Drive time is two to two and a half hours each way. Longer if I take the bus from the park & ride.

It’s just about a mile from my house to my office on campus. I usually walk (it takes around 20 minutes), but I’ll ride a motorcycle (~5 minutes) if I’m running late and the weather’s decent. There’s no sense in driving a car, because I can’t park anywhere near my building - the door-to-door commute in a car takes just as long as walking does, but I have to pay for gas and I don’t get any exercise.

17 miles. I’ve measured it for auto insurance purposes.

The bus route I usually take is about 4 miles; there’s another one that’s more like 2.5, but it takes longer because it goes through town. It’s about 25 minutes from walking out my door to walking into the music building on campus. Coming home in the evening is more like 50 minutes, because I usually just miss the bus and have to wait for the next one, there’s more traffic, and it’s a bit of a walk from the bus stop where I get off back to my apartment.

I tried walking home once, but it was 97 degrees out and I thought I was going to die, and that put me off trying it again. Anyway, I usually have way too many things in my bookbag, and just walking between buildings on campus with it is probably giving me back problems, so I wouldn’t want to lug it several miles home.

My shop is about 30 minutes away. I primarily work at customers homes most of whom are within 30 minutes of the shop. So sometimes it could be an hour commute total other times if I know ahead of time what I’ll need I can have my truck loaded up for a job making it a 5 minute commute.

My commute is 11-13 miles. If I go down the road that caused me to break 2 axles given NH apparently no longer believes in repaving broken, pothole riddled pavement, it’s 11 miles. The more wear and tear friendly way is 13 miles.

I am 0.6 miles from the office, a lazy 13-minute walk. Waiting for the “walk” sign is a real drag. :smiley:

And I work from home two days a week. :smiley:

:smiley: <---- shit-eating grin

Mine is too complicated to fit here. I travel to Germany for work:

Week 1 (Saturday): Fly to Germany (approx 5,000 miles)
Week 1 (M - F): Hotel to offices is about 5 km
Weekend: stuck in Germany, sometimes I go someplace but often stay around this small town.
Week 2 (M - F): Hotel to offices (5 km each way)
Week 2 (Fri or Sat): Fly back home (approx 5,000) miles
Week 3 (M - F): Work from home (telecommute)
Week 3 (Saturday) - REPEAT

So my daily commute is either 0 miles, 5 km each way, or averaged out, about 1,000 miles a day.

Around 7km or so - when I cycle, 23 minutes door to door. Takes more like 40 or so when I take the train.

I live in the 'burbs and bus downtown, so about…5-7 miles? Something like that. Takes about 20 minutes.

Just under a mile. It’s about a four minute drive on a good day. Unfortunately, the distribution of streets makes driving a necessity, unless I want to risk my life (one way has a 50 mph main road with no sidewalk or bike lane. The other has a winding industrial park with lots of sharp turns and uncareful semis).

Mine depends on where I’m working. It’s ranged from about a mile if I’m working in my home town to about 180 miles if I’m working in the outer provinces. Of course, I get mileage, so it’s not like I care that much.

I live about 2.5 miles from my office, which is in the City of London. It takes about 25 minutes, including walking from my flat to the Tube station and changing lines, to get to work in the morning.

If it’s direct to the office it’s 5 miles - 13 mins with no traffic, up to 45-50 if traffic is bad.

I have to take a detour via childcare which adds 3 miles on but not much additional time to the overall journey.

I’d love to cycle but it’s not practical with daughter at the moment, so we’re stuck in the car.