How fast can you ID this actor in a GIF?

Friend on FB wants to know the name of this actor (I’m assuming the guy in the barber’s chair), and I wanna get an answer before the Reddit hivemind beats ours. C’mon Dopers! Do your best. :slight_smile:

It’s on FB but public so you shouldn’t need an account.

The earliest posting of the GIF I can find is from May 19, 2014, on a Tumblr account called Pervert Barber. (The page linked to looks SFW, but other pages on that site probably aren’t. In any case, you probably won’t be able to see the page unless you have a Tumblr account, log into it, and switch off the “Safe mode” setting.) If you contact the operator of that Tumblr account, they might be able to tell you the source. Given the nature of the blog and the comments to the post, it might be from a pornographic movie.

LOL! Okaaay, was not expecting that. Now I’m afraid to post on my friend’s timeline to let him know about the likely source, considering the actor’s apparently familiar to him. Not that it’s a big deal, but yeah, some of those photos were as graphic as you could get, in a goatse kinda way. (Guess it had to happen sometime. Managed 24 years on the web while avoiding that one, and now this innocent inquiry has opened my, um, eyes.)

Thanks so much, psychonaut I was having trouble sourcing the gif because of its animation, and FB only let me grab a static frame.

To me the guy looks like a creepy Enrico Colantoni from Galaxy Quest or John Kapelos (Carl the Janitor from The Breakfast Club)

Trust me, these are work-safe–well, I guess it’s possible the latter clip might have a bit of swearing, but it’s a John Hughes movie, not Quentin Tarantino, so it’s pretty mild.

The first two links require me to log in to view.

Anyone got a direct link?

It is not John Kapelos.

Oh I know it’s not Kapelos. Nor is it Enrico C. I was just citing two non-porny actors (as far as I know there’s no adult film history in either one’s background) who vaguely resemble the guy.

…Who himself may not even be a porn actor, but his male pattern baldness is apparently turning on a few MPB fetishizes.

God bless the internet!

I took a frame from the gif and ran it through Google’s reverse image search, but it didn’t turn up anything useful. (It called the image “buzz cut” and showed other photos of people with buzz cuts.)