How fast do you type?

I’m certified at 55WPM by the DC government but that’s on a typewriter. It’s probably more like 65WPM on a keyboard.

72 wpm last time I was tested.

I type so fast that when I’m coding I always make mistakes. I’m always deleting and retyping things as I go. People say I should slow down.

When I started a new job a few years ago, someone heard me typing. He came over and asked me to type some more, as he couldn’t believe anyone could type that fast.

I’ve seen many other people like me, especially in programming jobs. It seems to be a job where most people type way to fast for their own good.

I’ve not got it certified or anything, so I don’t know how many wpm, but it’s quite fast.

I’m a programmer, and I can type very fast in bursts - 80-90 wpm. I can’t sustain it to type long documents and such though. Too stressful.

It amazes me sometimes that there are people at work who can’t touch type. Just don’t know how they do it.

A side not about touch typing: I never bothered to learn touch typing. I learned typing from using computers from a very young age, starting in school. I always had a computer of some type when I was growing up. I developed my own style of typing, which worked for me.

I know many other people in programming jobs who do not officially touch type, but IMO it doesn’t make any difference. You type the way you feel comfortable typing. Whether you know where the home keys are, and which key the little finger presses, doesn’t make too much difference.

About 73 mph.

About 75 WPM. Typing was a filler class I took in 8th grade and I am glad I did.


70ish WPM. Here’s a Java Applet test for those who are curious.

Last time I tested at 101 wpm. People around me think I’m just typing gobbledy gook until they actually look at my screen. I never took a typing class, though. I taught myself when I first got online and realized I’d never keep up in chat rooms unless I figured it out. My mom helped too. She used to be a stenographer and types even faster than I do.

Although if I let my nails grow out I drop to about 70 wpm.

I was tested at 90 wpm for my current job. I usually test in the high eighties for words per minute with a tiny error rate.

Ask not how fast do you type, but how fast do you type accurately? :wink:

I test in the upper 90s or lower 100s.

Probably around 100 wpm.

39 WPM according to that applet… which is about what I figured, though my 10 key skills are much better, usually between 185 and 200 KPM with 1 or 2 errors. They should give that same test in DOS commands, I’d ace that one with my eyes closed. That’s what happens when you work on the worlds oldest version of OS2 Warp.

Bah!! :smiley:

69 wpm according to Erika’s test. I think I’m a little faster when I’m warmed up.

OS/2 Warp? ::spit::

I hate that OS! I had to use it on an IBM project a while ago. Never again…


::wiping spit off the monitor:: :smiley:
If’n I had my druthers… but I don’t. I only have to baby it along for another year, before the whole system is replaced.

Scary thing is, the 10 servers I use that it resides on are 100 times more reliable than my Microsoft servers, which run everything from NT, 2000 and XP.


Highest ever: 91 wpm.
Last test: 87 wpm.

I could only manage 29 WPM by that test. I’m hoping that I’m not the slowest one in the world though.