How fast would I have to go to induce a nosebleed?

When I was youse guyses ages, we thoughts that if we took wunna dose ‘hawsless carriages’, we’d’a gets ourselves a fine dandy nosebleed. Well, one day, me and ma brother, Cletus, took the family Model T, and we barreled down the hill outside Farmer Jacaranda’s pastures, and I swears, we reached about fifteen miles per hour! But I didn’t get no nosebleed, and neither did ma brother, Cletus!

But seriously, how fast would one have to go, under standard conditions, in the open air, to get a nosebleed, if that’s even possible?

As someone who gets frequent nosebleeds, speed had nothing to do with it. I get them when I have a cold: my nasal passages get dry and irritated and my nose starts to bleed when I blow it (or something if I wash my face).

I suppose speed might cause one, but I don’t think it’s a common cause.

Well I guess you’d have to go about 50 mph you shouldnt do it tho…think of the air you’ll inhale? (are you related to Hillbillys?)