How frequently do people wear MAGA hats in public?

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I am aware that this will vary depending on time and location and that my categories could be more precise, but in general terms, when you go out, how often do you see people wearing MAGA hats?

  • all the time, I wear one myself
  • frequently, when I turn around I often see at least one
  • every now and then
  • seldom
  • never

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I’m not going to vote rioght now because I never go out much, but it has just now occurred to me that I’ve never seen one except on my computer screen. I may not go inside to shop or eat at restaurants (the main two things to do around here), but I do watch people walking around outside and such (as I will go to some trusted people’s houses for small gatherings per the CDC), and I’ve just never seen one.

If you don’t mind, I’ll try to get a more accurate view of the area from my relatives who live in town, and see what they have to say, and then vote based on that.

I selected seldom, given my current location. When I was on vacation near Atlanta in January last year, I saw very many people wearing that stupidity.

Never seen anyone wear one here in Vienna.

The only time I saw anyone wear one, in fact, was at a Halloween party I threw back in 2016 in Darmstadt. A colleague came dressed as Donald Trump, complete with MAGA hat and orange skin. I dressed up as Leonid Brezhnev, with big bushy eyebrows and a suit jacket that sagged with the weight of dozens of medals. Everyone else got a kick out of taking pictures of the two of us together, as we represented two bumbling, aged, narcissistic, incoherent, loser politicians. It was all good fun because at the time Brezhnev had been dead for 34 years and nobody thought Trump had the remotest chance of winning the election. I doubt my colleague would dream of dressing up as Trump again, but I’ll probably do the Brezhnev thing again this year.

Not very often, but more often than I’d like to see it happening in this deep-blue city.

I do have a regular customer who wears a “My Attorney Got Arrested” hat, which I appreciate a lot more.

I don’t really see them in areas I frequent, but when I vacationed in Tennessee this summer I saw a truck wearing one.


I’ve seen a few at work. I’ll admit to treating the people in the hats differently, doing just the bare minimum to address their needs.

Meant to click seldom, clicked never. But, here in San Antonio, I almost never see a MAGA hat and I laser-focus on every red cap I see to see if it is a MAGA cap… but it never is.

It’s pretty rare where I live. Most of my time in public places is in a very liberal county though. On the other hand the county to the south of me is more of a ranching community. I’ve seen a few there.

I live in a suburb of boston. I seldom see them here, except among older people.

When we go to Maine, New Hampshire or Western Massachusetts to hike, we see a LOT more hats in the towns, but not on the trails.

I’ve never seen one, except on TV news or something.

Northeastern Dallas here (the suburban part, still within the city limits).

I can’t say I have ever seen too many MAGA hats around here- maybe a very few here and there in the weeks leading up to the elections, but it’s not like the old white farts just roam around wearing them as they do their business.

I kind of think that in large part, they’re something people wear to political events, not everyday wear for most people. Maybe that’s different out in the rural counties, but I haven’t seen many around here.

Pacific Northwest. I see them at gas stations, groceries, some retail establishments.

NYC here. In the lead up to the 2016 election I’d see them on occasion (usually worn by people who were obviously tourists.) In the years since then I think I’ve seen them less than 5 times.

Twin Cities metro. Pretty much non-existent.

All. The. Damn. Time. And tRump flags, and tRump shirts, and all matter of other related regalia. FWIW, I live in a red county in a red state.

Morons Are Governing America

I’m in DC so the Trump rabble comes to town fairly often.

Still, I never see just one MAGA hat. At least around here, they only seem brave enough to sport it if they’re in a large group.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the wild. I do see huge pickup trucks with Trump flags flying. And two houses within 5 miles of my place with huge Trump banners. But no hats, at least so far.

Also in DC, same.

But I don’t get out to see the out-of-town crowds, 'cause of COVID and such.