Teenagers wearing MAGA hats in the airport

Like, way too young to vote, not an election year… Is there any reason for them to be wearing those hats that doesn’t make them complete douchebags?

The new Hitler youth. Everyone needs a hobby.

Maybe they were always douchebags. The hats just warn the rest of us.

So this is an observation of something seen at some airport (rather than being a news story)?

In any case, the answer is: tribalism/assertion of being a member of the dominant tribe.

It’s edgy, it’s punk rock, it bothers the squares, man !

So, no. But it’s pretty amusing that teenage revolt involves supporting the President (and, implicitly, the most right wing, old man shit possible)

Yeah, my flight’s delayed in Baltimore so I’m just looking at these kids and wondering if I’m being unfair.

Nah. They’re assholes.

They’re trying to get a rise out of people. They’re teens it’s their MO.

Is it any different than teenagers wearing Che Guevara shirts?

Young Conservatives

If not, then they just get a rise out of the reaction sane people give them

Feels like it is, but I can’t put my finger on why. Convince me I’m wrong.

Not seeing any actual opinion you’d be wrong about.

When I was growing up in Dixie, young conservatives wore tee shirts and hats with confederate flags. I guess MAGA might actually be…progress?:confused:

Che Guevara stood against a corrupt establishment. MAGA is all the worst parts of a corrupt establishment combined.

Come on, they’re just kids! Everyone experiments with corruption when they’re young. Admit it! You probably did, too.

So I hope you said “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

It just means dunce caps are making a comeback as a fashion statement.

I’m pretty sure that Che help establish a communist government that killed dissenters. Not sure how you can get any more corrupt than that.

I think it’s a confluence of two separate things.

One is rebelliousness, which is pretty much a universal trait of immature dipshits. They – and most of their older counterparts – see Trump as a rebel against political orthodoxy. Since they’re far too stupid to understand any of the political ramifications, they see the rebelliousness in terms of his hatred of just the kinds of people they would like to beat up, and perhaps some of them actually do, namely minorities and immigrants. No doubt they find the fact that Trump actually speaks their language, embarrassing the US by talking like a teenage gangsta on the international stage, to be especially endearing.

The other is the tribalism of being associated with the “winning” side, because the rebels did indeed win the White House. It’s like wearing a Castro T-shirt after the Cuban revolution. And again, they’re too stupid to understand that the guy they’re supporting is the greatest authoritarian of all, who would cheerfully throw them all under the bus if it meant even one extra dime for any of his corrupt businesses, or deprive them of their civil liberties if it meant even one extra vote from other dipshits just like themselves.

Che, Hammer and Sickle, etc. are hive approved symbols. So that’s a big difference.