How frequently do people wear MAGA hats in public?

I voted never but there is a chance I’ve seen one but didn’t notice it. I do know I’ve seen one particular acquaintance wearing a Trump shirt but never seen him with the hat. I’m sure he owns one.

I don’t even see people wearing non-MAGA red ball caps anymore.

In Boston, I tried wearing my red Red Sox cap, and nobody batted an eyelash. Of course, nobody in Boston proper voted for Trump either time.

I live in a blue area of a red state (Ohio) and I don’t go to the red parts too often. Can’t say I’ve seen one in the wild.

Someone has a “Fuck Biden” flag in one of our little neighborhoods, tho. Classy.

I see MAGA hats occasionally when I’m shopping here in Missouri. Usually they’re on people who are “aggressively” not wearing masks. Meaning, they’re walking around, maskless and kind of spoiling for some sort of argument, or loudly commenting on everyone in their general vicinity wearing a mask.

My immediate neighbors also have Don’t Tread on Me and those Black & Blue American flags flying on their porch. Several other neighbors have similar flags, most common being “Biden Sucks,” and on a separate line, “so does everyone who voted for him.” It’s a little unsettling and makes me worry for my family sometimes.

I’ve only seen MAGA hats in the wild twice: once at a family reunion in August of 2019 (worn by my die-hard R uncle) and once worn by an apparent octogenarian in the Home Depot parking lot. I don’t remember when it was but it was during the Trump administration.

I live in a very red part of a blue state and see Trump flags on the back of pickups, Trump yard signs, and Trump bumper stickers on a daily basis. Many of these say some version of “Trump 2024!” on them.

Oh, and my little jerkwater town also has weekly “Stop the Steal!” sidewalk protest every Saturday with a disturbing number of people attending, and much horn honking and thumbs-up from passersby. Still, in October 2021 this shit continues. None of this is surprising, but it is still disheartening.

holy crap, I had no idea this was going on in Red Zones.
What, exactly, do they want anyone to do to “stop the steal?” It’s a done deal.

There are idiots out there clinging to the idea that Trump is running a shadow presidency, preparing to kick Biden out once he cngtdbjfvxsgncs as bbjjj k gnkhbmhh.

I like the unexpected turn this poll is taking. Not what I made it for, but very illustrative. Thank you all!

My precinct, also on the North Side but probably a lot further west than you, went for Biden by just under 58%, not so hot. But I’ll say I can’t remember ever seeing The Hat around here and voted never for the poll.

Some precincts in the 11th Ward (Link to nifty map) went over 70% for Trump.

This thread made me more on the look out. Thought I saw one but when I got closer I saw it was a Marine Corps hat.

Sounds familiar…

Can’t say that I’ve seen that in my little corner of hell, but we do still have a MulletFest every year.

Seldom but only because it’s not never.

We should acknowledge the shadow presidency as fact and then in 2024 remind them of the 22nd Amendment.

At a county trash and recycling place (we have to take our trash to one of these, no curbside pickup) the worker had a Trump 2024 hat.
I’m thinking it’s against the law for a county employee to wear political paraphernalia while working with the public and found something that suggests that it is against the law, but I’m still not sure.
While looking up stuff on this I found that the director over the trash and recycling places is a friend. I knew she works for the county, but didn’t know it is over this area.
But, she is also a Trump supporter (but not extreme). If I ask her about this I wonder what would happen.

I went with ‘seldom’. I work retail and I can only think of one customer that I see wearing one on a regular basis. Older lady too, she reminds me of Shelly Winters as Nana Mary on Roseanne (but that’s at least partly due to her hat reminding me of Nana Mary’s Bears hat).

Bumper stickers, yard signs, face masks, shirts etc, I see a lot more often, but I can only think of that one person that I’ve seen wearing a MAGA hat.

Haven’t see many MAGA hats lately, but I am seeing “Let’s Go Brandon” shirts.

Who’s Brandon?

Really, to ask yourself that question is to go down one of the more idiotic rabbit holes of the Right one can find. Are you sure you really want to know? :wink:

I am really completely clueless. You mean it is dangerous to ask? What are we talking about?