How good are Indian Made Razor Blades?

While shopping at the local Indian grocery, I noticed that they sell old style razor blades, of stainless steel. I also noticed that these are price controlled in India-the box says that they cannot be sold (legally) for more than 15 rupees. At any rate, are they fairly good? I’m tempted to buy a few, and try them out. they also carry neem oil toothpaste-what’s the SD on that? Neem is supposed to be a wonder drug of sorts.

seems like they would be cheap enough to try out without risking a lot of cash

The last box of Astra Platinum double edge razors I bought on Amazon cost me less than $0.12 each. I don’t know what the exchange rate is, or how many razors come in a 15 rupee box, but razor blades are pretty cheap if you avoid the double/triple/quattro blade nonsense. 15 rupees a box doesn’t sound like a crazy low price, that’s what, around a quarter per box?

Neem oil is pretty good at controlling garden pests.

So if your teeth are infested by aphids, I’d say go for it.

eBay is another good place for razor blades. You can get 100 double edge Dorco blades for $8, shipping included.

We now need recommendations for friggin’ Razor Blades?

Asking for advice on cars and paint (money and time, respectively) makes sense.

A $1 purchase and 5 minutes invested?

Call me impetuous, but I’d just buy a pack and try them.

Sometimes Indian or Pakistani blades are prone to rust, but I’d say get a pack and try them. Why not?

Neem oil is a common ingredient in Indian toothpaste. It’s supposed to work very well. My dad used Neem toothpaste for many decades—He used to have friends bring them by the box.

The traditional Neem toothpaste has a strong bitter flavor, but in recent years, they’ve made it sweeter and more like regular western toothpaste.

Traditionally, in India, people clean their teeth with twigs from the neem tree. It apparently works quite well.

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Many, many weeks ago, I ordered and received my current supply of blades, which happen to be of Pakistani manufacture. I go through one or two blades a week, shaving about every other day, and they’ve been working out fine.

I don’t need recommendations on the blades, but they can certainly be hard to find in stores, or at least they are in my small city.

Here’s a thread that has some blade recommendations.

If you’re referring to the Maximum Retail Price(MRP) listed on the box, that is not a price control, the price is set by the manufacturer. The legal requirement is simply that the manufacturer should label their product with a MRP.

I read that razor blades are the second most counterfeited item sold, after batteries. I wonder how good any of these would be? Perhaps that is why people want recommendations?

  1. If it’s counterfeits you’re worried about, then what good would a recommendation do you? A recommendation for or against a brand wouldn’t apply to a counterfeit of that brand.

  2. Double-edged razor blades are so cheap that it would seem hardly worth the effort to counterfeit them.

  3. Double-edged razor blades are such an old and well-established technology that even counterfeits should be relatively decent.

  4. If I were to guess, if counterfeit razor blades are a problem, then it would be more likely to be expensive, brand-name cartridge blades—particularly Gillette cartridges—that are being counterfeited.

I had some Indian-made Gillette 7 O’Clock black box blades (Super Platinum), and they were fine- maybe not quite as sharp as the Russian-made yellow-box 7 O’Clock SharpEdge blades, but that wasn’t shoddy manufacture, but rather the difference between the yellow and black box.

The quality is fine but it is always a pain in the ass to cobble together that many rupees to buy them.

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