How good are you at MULTITASKing

Generally I suck at computer games but I royally blow at this one, however I find myself strangely addicted to it (as a 5 minute time-killer).

I will not post my high (?) score.

My high score was 43 after two attempts. I blame my contact lenses, as my eyes were very irritated during the whole thing.

I wish I could download the soundtrack though. Those were some nice jams!

My first and only attempt was 54. I could have done the first two tasks together until boredom set in but adding the 3rd task really taxed my ability. It’s probably because I’m familiar with linear arrow movement but I haven’t done much moving around with WASD since mid-90s PC games so I really had to concentrate on that.

  1. I only have so many fingers.

So, mister game designer, you want us to control the thing on the left with the keys on the right, and the thing on the right with the keys on the left? Fuck You.

Turn your keyboard upside down.

Maybe I’ll try again later.

Best attempt was 150 after 10 or so tries. I found the balancing ball requires the most attention but the blue arrow dodging one was deceptively tricky, since you can often leave it a lone for a while and it gets easy to let your attention slip. The green square is easiest since you can’t actively fail it unlike the other ones. Once the fourth thing gets added it gets pretty interesting.

68, I am an effective multitasker otherwise, but I can’t keep WASD and the arrow keys straight! :frowning:

  1. I’m fine with using both arrow keys and WASD for motion control, but I’m with Amblydoper on the side reversal thing. That’s bullshit.

95! What a fun game, I wonder how many levels there are

55, but that’s because the WASD part is coded for a qwerty keyboard, and I have an azerty (which turns it into ZQSD for reference. Messes with the visualization of the controls).

72 in two tries. Must come back later to see what task 4 is. the suspense is killing me.

I just broke 100 (I admitted I sucked at it). The curious thing is that it *seems *like I should be able to do better. Every game I say to myself that next time…

119 on my first try but I had played this once or twice a few months ago. Not surprisingly, it was balancing the ball that did me in.