Goodby Productivity! (flash game)

Came across this, and have been burning some serious time trying to see how far I can get.

4896 is my current best. I’m sure some of you will be beating that within minutes, of course.

Seriously? Nobody?

I really like canabalt, but I don’t think I have ever beaten 3000. It is amazing that such an intense gaming experience can come from a game that only requires the use of one button.

I have been wasting my workday playing Continuity and The Company of Myself.

There’s a real problem with the random layout since I find myself losing not because my reflexes are bad but because a new obstacle was dropped/scrolled into the view while I was in the air and had no control. It makes it less a game of skill and more about wondering when the game will throw something in your way that’s impossible to dodge.

I do very well until I get to a wall with a window in it that you have to apparently break to get through. I keep hitting them square and then sliding down the wall to my death. Can’t figure out how to bust through them and continue.

That’s fun and I want to slit my wrists.

It really is a nice little game. If you liked it, you might also like some ofJason Rohrer’s games - I particularly liked Passage which is also a simple, melancholy experience to play. Gravitation (found in the first link) is interesting, too, but not as compelling as Passage. (Both are very small downloads).

I would also like to recommende David Shute’s Small Worlds that recently won JayisGames’ Casual Gameplay Design Competition. It can be played here (it’s the really pixellated one with a “character” that consists of 2 red and 1 pink pixel on top of each other.)

3884 on my third try… I just barely missed the jump too :frowning:

interesting game, does it actually have an end?



The secret is to realize that the length of the jump depends on how long you hold down the button. If you feel you’re going too fast just walk into an AC unit to slow you down.

… just like you do in real life.

Goddammit! I’m supposed to be working on a final project right now!

Damn, I came in here to mention this. Beautiful game, and not overly long.


Yep, the key is to run into almost everything that isn’t explosive. Shorten your jumps as you move faster, and you don’t have to jump at all on some of the short gaps.

Does this mean that only parkour enthusiasts will survive the robot apocalypse?


Now that I think about it, they really should have named the game Aparkourlypse.


Played Cannibalt a few times. Eh, nice concept, great graphics, plenty of challenge, but I quickly lost interest in it. Just gets too predictable after the first few plays. (I’m not the kind of player who fights and claws for high scores.) My best is around 3,200 IIRC.

Most of the games in the 6th Casual Gameplay Design Competiton are really good. I agree with most that Small Worlds was a very deserving winner, even if the overall message wasn’t entirely clear. My second favorite is Full Moon. I’ll go check out the previous competitions when I have the time.

Continuuity was a romp. It’s an ingenious concept, and it was juuuuust hard enough (for me, anyway) that it provided a real challenge without getting unbelievably aggravating. The great thing about it is that the later levels require you to work it out, reverse engineer, and think really hard about how to get from there to here, AND do a bunch of things and see where they lead you. It’s been a long, long time where I could honestly say that I worked hard to complete a game and was very satisfied when I did. Great, great stuff. (Oh, I did clear all the levels…I can give hints if anyone wants them.)

Played The Company of Myself a bit. Seems a bit on the tricky side, though I haven’t gotten far enough to see how tough it really is. Will try to find out more.

got over 4000 so far


Hmm, do you think the guy who wrote that has ever played Braid? :dubious: