How good is the 3D in Tangled?

I’m thinking about watching it only if the 3D is done the right way.

Some reviewers are giving it high praise, that some scenes are very well done and jump out at you in the theater.

Anybody experience it?

I didn’t see it in 3D, but I could see points at which 3D would have been really nice (especially near the end involving a plot point I won’t give away). The 3D preview I saw for it in front of Toy Story 3 was impressive.

I saw it in 3D and it was good. Not special, but well done. It’s less obnoxiously in your face than your typical 3D animation.

I just saw it in 3D IMAX. It was pretty subtle for the most part, but one significant scene looked gorgeous in 3D.

Hmmm, if that scene is the same one as the one I am thinking of, I think on the contrary that it was one of the “gimmicky” scenes that people complain about:

The one where the golden objects are floating from the sky? There’s one that’s large and right. in. your. face. Blegh.

But in general, I enjoyed the movie and the 3-d was more subtle yet still well done. I loved the 3-d scenery in the background (and Rapunzel in 3-D wasn’t bad as scenery, either…)

I saw it in 3D when it came out. The 3D is not necessary, but it was well done in this movie in that it was unintrusive and added depth. This was an example of 3D used well.