The chance to see Animated Godess RAPUNZEL of TANGLED comes around again.

I was a big supporter of the movie TANGLED when it came out last fall. It was the perfect storm of CGI and great story telling and the begainning of what could be a renaissance for Walt Disney which has taken a back seat to its own division PIXAR films of late.

Ironically I wasn’t even going to see the movie when it came out but did and was I ever glad that I did. I’m sure a lot of people dismissed this as a kid’s movie but that is true on the surface only! There’s plenty for adults to enjoy as well. I saw it several times in the theatre and often there were more adults than kids.

After it left theaters I had to content myself with the photos at her tribute page and any video clips on You Tube. The good news is it’s finally out next week on DVD.

Just posting to say if you didn’t give this movie a chance theatrically don’t miss it when it’s available for your home. And no I am not a shill for Disney and don’t work for them and have no connection to them . I just want to spread the word of this delightful fim to any who haven’t seen it!


MutaraNebula, you already started one thread about the movie. I think that’s plenty. You could post to your older thread if you want to, but I’m locking this one.