Rapunzel of TANGLED appreciated thread: Disney creates the ultimate CGI beauty.

Some times there really is a perfect storm…

In this case it was characters design, the voice talent and the writing of her personality that resulted in the loveliest, most charming animated character ever to appear on movie screens.


If you have not seen this movie do so now! And don’t let being an adult stop you. You will be charmed by this character.


Props to Disney for creating the marvelous, magnicient beauty!

Are you dressing up as her for Halloween this year?

It’s a thought friend.

Well I’m not as… enamored… of Rapunzel (she’s a cartoon character! Besides the Little Mermaid is more my type), I saw this with my wife kids (6 and 4) during Christmas break and we all thought it was a great movie. I thought I’d be bored but the characters really are charming, and it doesn’t have all the pop culture sassiness of the Shrek movies. My 6-year old was worried that the movie would be “too romantic” but he was cracking up the whole time. The Skammer family gives it four thumbs up.

Being the ANTI-SHREK maybe one of the reasons for its popularity (besides the charming Rapunzel of course!)…audiences may have been fed up with all that pop cultured stuff. TANGLED is now I believe Disney’s 3rd hightest grossing flick…and deservedly so!

Pfft… fishbait…

Well, it’s certainly the reason why I’m now convinced to take my daughter to see it. I’m so sick of the pop culture sassy cynical “kid’s” movie. This one looks good, and now it’s got the Doper seal of approval!

It was a very fun movie. The art direction is beautiful (and, yes, Rapunzel is a cutie), and the characters are interesting.

I really enjoyed this film. Mandy Moore did a great job on the voice acting and singing. I thought she was doing Amy Adam’s Giselle from Enchanted for a bit, but that is unfair - they were both riffing on "Disney® Princess"© and they really can’t go too far afield with that. And I really was happy to not see a flood of Shreck type pop cultural references that would quickly date the movie.

As an old CG guy, I was knocked out with the hair. The only real disappointment was the mediocre song lyrics, but then - other than Avenue Q - most “show tunes” have shitty lyrics.

My wife and I went to see the movie, despite not having kids, for two reasons: 1) I’m a huge Disney nut, and 2) a friend from grad school was one of the animators. We both liked it quite a bit – and it was visually stunning.

I did think it was necessary to pick a nit with this, though:

The main reason Tangled rates so highly among Disney animated flicks (not counting Pixar’s contributions) is that the heyday of modern Disney animation was 15 years ago. Inflation, plus the higher price of 3D tickets, has seriously driven up the average ticket price. In terms of attendance, I highly doubt it has reached the same levels as Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid, both of which it outgrossed.

It’s true but these numbers are really good compared to other films released since Thanksgiving…its $176 million in the US/CANADA and counting foreign markets its at $355 million…the film is a HUGE draw and the character of RAPUNZEL I think is really fueling the sucess through good word of mouth.

Oh, I agree! I fell in love with her - she is so beautiful, and sweet, and innocent. Huge green eyes, swimming with emotion, and a cute little face. And the boy’s not half bad, either.

I highly recommend.

I think one of the things that is fueling this with girls (based on my 7-year old daughter and her gaggle of frinends) is she is the first real Princess that Disney has had since Jasmine in 1992. Pocahontas, Mulan and Tiana were all good female leads, but they were not the “Fairy Tale Princesses” that the others are.

Giselle from enchanted was but she was live action and not marketed much as they would have had to pay Amy Adams for her likeness.

Can I ask you something, MutaraNebula ? You joined yesterday. This is your first post and it is the only thread you post in. You harp on a Pixar movie. Are you a Disney employee tasked with advertising this movie through “social media” , like the bigger Internet forums?

I’m asking out of professional curiosity: I plan to do much the same thing myself (although not here, obviously).

I had this same thought. I’m so glad someone else is a cynical person also.

I mean, OP, no problem with me if you are, but if you are, you’re laying it on a leeeeetle thick for this particular message board.

If you’re not, then you’re way over-invested in an animated kids’ romance movie, which personally I think is a little more on the odd side.

After reading over all four posts, the language does sound a little “press releasey” and somewhat unnatural in phrasing and choice of words.

Clearly it’s a trap. You go to the movie and then find out it’s full of Klingons.

Edit: how embarrassing - I confused my Wrath of Khan data. The Mutara Nebula is where the final battle between the Enterprise and Reliant took place. The Kobayashi Maru scenario is set in Gamma Hydra.

I should’ve said… “Don’t go to the movie! Your shields will be useless!”

And the shuttlecraft is full of Mon Calamari.

“It’s a twap!”

Yes, a bit. However, MutaraNebula is clearly a person, not a bot. (If (s)he is a bot, bots are getting waay too good, into uncanny valley :eek:

So that would indicate a new advertising strategy. I am genuinely interested; I am in charge of an low-budget (actually, no budget) campaign for upcoming regional elections for my party, and the central party bureau sent us all sorts of instructions to use these newfangled “social media”. So I wondered if MutaraNebula was an call center employee based in India, or something. If (s)he is, I might have another job for him/her.