How Gore and the Liberals attempted to steal the 2000 Presidential election.

This is my first post here, hoping to stir up some conversation.

And please dont let my username fool you, I am not a blind conservative, Bush follower, etc etc.

I repeatedly see opinions about how Bush stole the election and blah blah blah, but there is never a mention of Gore. Is it because most people are ignorant to what actually went on during that month or so? (If this is the case, dont feel bad, it is the media’s fault).

Anyway, lets go ahead and start at the night the poles closed. 7:49pm EST, obviously WAY before the voting polls in Florida closed, both CBS and CNN began to announce that Gore had already wont the state of Florida. NBC followed a few minutes after. Out of the major networks, FOX was the only one that did not blindly follow the leader, and although projected that Gore would perhaps win the state of Florida, they were smart enough to know that the polls were not closed as of yet.

I dont know if any of you have heard of John Lott, but he is a very well-respected economist. Anyway, after studying voting trends on every presidential election since 1976, he and his crack team took this info and from it estimated that, in a nutshell, this completely false announcement cost Bush between 10,000 and 37,000 votes in the areas where polls were still open.

If John Lott and his team are not convincing enough, John McLaughlin & Associates also estimated that this pre-emptive call cost Bush somewhere in the area of 10,000 to 15,000 votes. Democrat strategist Bob Beckel also concedes that Bush lost between 8,000 and 10,000 votes that night. Of course, during this time Dan Rather said on live tv: “If we say somebody has won Florida state, you can take that to the bank.” Obviously not.

As I said earlier, I wouldnt be surprised if many of you dont know about this. It is probably because that, during the time when the major networks should be apologizing for their mistakes that prompted tens of thousands of voters to stay home instead of going to vote, they began making a big deal about John Ellis, and anchor on Fox News. Ellis is a relative of Bush, which only fueled the liberal media’s fire. Im sure if you use Lexis Nexis to search around, you will see countless reports and articles on how NBC, CNN, CBS, etc think that Ellis calling the state of Florida for Bush at 2:17am EST the next morning is what really caused the chaos in Florida. This is odd considering that, by that time, Bush had already won the state of Florida, although the liberals did not want to admit it.

Their postponing of announcing that Bush had won was not limited to Florida. This actually happened with numrous states all throughout the evening. It took CNN, CBS, and NBC less than one hour to report that Gore had won the state of Michigan by 3 points, yet it took them over three hours to report that Bush had won Arkansas by 7 points. The same goes with Pennsylvania (Gore: 3 points) and Arizona (Bush: 6 points). Dont forget Washington and West Virginia. Ditto Minnesota and Tennessee.

This all pales in comparison to what happened in the days and weeks following the election. Katherine Harris, who was the Secretary of the State of Florida at the time, was required to certify the vote by November 14th, seven days after the election. Just so that nobody is confused, the law for this count states:

If the county returns are not recieved by the Department of State by 5p.m. of the seventh dau following an election, all missing counties shall be ignored and the results shown by the returns shall be certified.

As you can guess, seven days after the election the results were confirmed. Bush had definately won the state of Florida. However, seven days was unacceptable to Gore. He obviously did not believe that law was set in stone, and thought it was more of a guideline.

Gore had lost the election, the 7 day recount, and a third manual recount to the point permitted by the law. 2 weeks later, however, Gore demanded that the Florida Supreme Court give him yet another recount. Needless to say, this was entirely unlawful. But, with the majority of the media behind him, the Florida Supreme Court went ahead with the 4th recount. Katherine Harris was appalled at this illegal action brought on by Gore and his cronies. She still believed that her original certification made seven days after the election in accordance with the written law was the legally binding one. Anyone with half a brain could see where she was coming from.

Believe it or not, Gore lost the fourth and final recount. An illegal recount at that.

If anyone is interested in citations let me know and Ill let you have em.

John Lott is well respected?? I thought I remembered the name…not everyone agrees.

While I am seeing your point, I dont give much credit to a website created only to discredit someone and has the word “probably” on it numerous times.

Besides, the man’s personal life should have nothing to do with his intelligence.


Shit man, you forgot the link to the “Lott eats baby’s cite.”

I don’t even know who this guy is and there’s already a liberal smear cite up to discredit him?

Sheesh. And you guys complain about Joe McCarthy?

Not aware? You should have heard the noise down here from politico types in the know. There were cries of “conspiracy” when Rather did his best to keep the panhandle (very conservative and in a different time zone) from voting.

Gore’s only chance, given the non-Florida Supreme Court version of the Florida Statutes, was to call for a statewide recount immediately. Any first year law student could see the equal protection issues popping up the instant he cherry-picked the most Democratic counties.

Stop and think about that for a minute from a purely self-interested political viewpoint. It was STILL stupid. He had a BETTER chance of picking up votes in Republican run counties. If there were irregularities benefiting Bush, why look in counties where the voter fraud is most likely to lean Democratic?

The most telling study – completely ignored – found that the most likely to be ‘disenfranchised’* were black Republicans in Florida counties canvassed by Democrats.

*Using the term improperly, as we have been since the 2000 election.

Any Posting that says these cant be too serious:

“FOX News was the only one that did not blindly follow the leader.”

“…estimated that, in a nutshell, this completely false announcement cost Bush between 10,000 and 37,000 votes in the areas where polls were still open.” - Done by an economist too… ( Any Relation to Trent KKK Lott ?) This is plain speculation.

Still going over the rabid conservative babble… I dont remember quite well… but I thought the media announced Bush as the winner before it was finished… Never mind some iffy last minute votes coming in and the blacks bein excluded.

They complain about McCarthy because history books are written by liberals who were friends with the communists he exposed. Get your hands on information on the Venona Project, which were Soviet wire cables proving that all the people he accused of being communist spies…well…actually were.

So, lets say you are average Joe Shmo American, and you hear on your television that Gore had already won the state you lived in. You were just about to walk out the door to go down and vote for Bush. Do you still go?

And please, dont stoop to the usual liberal nonsense of attacking the source as well as the facts it provides.

Actually, Joe McCarthy was a prick.

The fact that there actually were evil commies infiltrating our great nation doesn’t change that.

How was he a prick?

However, whether he is honest has a lot to do with whether you should believe what he says. If you want to see an example of Lott’s dishonesty, see here

Well, so much for that.

One point.

He called those who didn’t have the balls to stand up to him and didn’t call those who did.

Point two.

Subpeonas at 9 pm for an 8 am court appearence.

He was a jerk.

I am really, really looking forward to seeing your explanation as to why exposing false or questionable “facts” is “nonsense”. Is it difficult for you to deal with the truth?

Ladies and gentlemen, Ann Coulter has officially joined the SDMB. Anyone got something to say to her?

Sorry that was a typo. I meant that when presented with an argument, one should argue the arguement instead of personally attacking the man making the argument. Make more sense?

Touche, I cant really argue with that.

She is a smart woman, and yes her and I do seem to share the same views. I have yet to read her newest book, but I am working on it.

Sounds more like you’ve memorized it… you’re parroting what she says in it pretty well. And, if you consider her a “smart woman” then all your opinions come into question. Considering the sources you depend on is a big part of a good debate.

Welcome to the SDMB.

You’re bound to get a lot more responses here than when you posted it at some other place.

I’m a Republican, too. I voted for Bush, and was glad to see him win. He isn’t the best president we’ve had (frankly, Bush has disappointed me with a number of his decisions), but I was pretty sure I didn’t want to see Gore in the White House.

I’m also glad to put the whole election mess behind me. It was almost two and a half years ago. Move on. I see no reason to dwell on this.