The 2000 election is finally over.

The imbeciles (oops, I mean “election officials”) in Florida just finished recounting all of the ballots for the final time. W still wins Florida, by 150 votes.


Diceman, I suggest you take a stroll over to GD. Some people, in a thread dealing with this very subject, are STILL insisting that Gore had a chance to win.

Some people… ::sigh::

We had an election in 2000? Not that I recall. All those who were going to vote either voted or tried to, and then the Bush team pressed the Supreme Court to appoint him president. Then the Bush team insisted that the recount be stopped, end of story. That makes sense, though; if you’re already losing the popular vote, you have reason to be afraid to risk any slight lead in the interest of mere democracy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to count the votes of all those who were barred from voting? Yeah, yeah, I know—dream on; I’m just a democracy-lovin’ fool. Well, at least 2004 will see a legitimately-elected president—unless Bush gets the Supreme Court to do his bidding for him again. There’s no telling what he’ll manage to pull off then, and that snake will stop at nothing.

Please, not again. Try GD for this sort of thing, OK? If we do this by the MPSIMS rule book, it’ll just degenerate into a session of unsubstantiated insult-slinging. Which means I’ll have to move it to the Pit anyway. So this one’s locked, and those who so desire can try posting in a civil manner in the GD thread on this topic.