How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

Here’s to a long-lived cat and short-lived Orange American.

As ever, both appalling and unsurprising:

Man, he sure knows how to manipulate his fan base!

“On that horrible day of Jan. 6, Ashli arrived at the United States Capitol,” Trump said in the two-minute video, which was posted to social media by Ford Fischer, a Washington, D.C.-based video producer who was at the event. “She was shot and tragically killed. Today would have been her birthday. Happy birthday, Ashli.”

I was surprised that he acknowledged it was a “horrible day,” until I really he and I have a very different idea about what was horrible about it. He thinks its horrible that the insurrection failed.

Has he said anything about the nonexistent Southwest sickout yet?

From the link:

“So now they have to use all their banked vacation and personal time, or lose it.”

We have ‘use-or-lose’ vacation time where I work; only if you leave the company you’re entitled to every hour you’ve accrued. ‘Use-or-lose’ just means you don’t get to carry over any unused vacation time into the next year. (It’s an accounting thing. Unused vacation time is a liability.)

So even if the rumour were true, the pilots wouldn’t lose their vacation pay.

I like rioters that don’t get shot.

Requires lab work and a very large control group to verify.

National Guard? Could you help us out please? It’s for Science…

But first he makes himself sign an NDA.

Individual 1 is telling Republicans not to vote That’ll show us!

To all the republicans sucking up to Trump: Haw Haw!

That is probably the greatest thing he’s said in years. I, as a patriotic American and a partisan Democrat, endorse it wholeheartedly.

Please tell them to emigrate to Russia. Please tell them to emigrate to Russia.

Пожалуйста, приезжайте в Россию! У нас есть пирог и жареный поросенок, и ты можешь трахнуть свою сестру на улице … Нет проблем!

Trump is basically saying to Republicans “If you don’t find some way to re-instate me as President, I’m gonna screw you over”.

These people support a moron that is actively trying to hurt them and destroy democracy because his ego got bruised.

This kind of shit is really also going to push for states to ‘declare’ winners without counting the votes.

ABC, restore the show ‘The Apprentice’ STAT.

Ha ha, the trip to Google translateville was worth it!

Mundane, posting to the board in languages other than English is a violation of the board rules. Please don’t do this in the future.

No warning issued.

I just did that, too, and for the record, it says

Please come to Russia! We have pie and roast suckling pig and you can fuck your sister outside … No problem!

My 2 cents: I think the rule should be foreign language posting okay as long as there is a translation in the same post.

Carry on.

I concur.