How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

I came to it late, but there doesn’t seem to be any particular seating. I don’t recognize anyone near the front.

There are some empty seats in the front row, so maybe trump has already been carried out.

ETA: I was wrong. No empty seats in front row. Trick of camera perspective.

ETA #2. I can’t take another service… Outta here…

Individual 1 called the New York Attorney General Letitia “Peekabo” James. I was trying to figure out what the Peekaboo meant, but Mrs. Betty Bowers said he had used the J word that rhymes with Peekaboo, and autocorrect fixed it.

I can’t say that it pisses me off, as such, but apparently he went on Hannity and claimed he could declassify documents just by thinking it. Seems to be some kind of Jedi thing.

Indeed! He learned from the best.

It’s a sovereign thing. When you are basically the Supreme Ruler of all you survey, you only need to decide that something is declassified (or classified) for it to become so.

Trump still doesn’t understand that when you get elected President you don’t become the Supreme Ruler of the USA, you become a US Government Employee.

We’re all laughing at Individual 1 telling Hannity that he can declassify documents with his mind, but nobody is talking about how he told Hannity that he thinks the FBI were at Mar a Lago looking for Hillary’s emails.

Wait til he comes up with his new recipe for vicks vap o rub chicken…

Maybe because it’s not the first time.

I think Trump blathered about the Hillary emails because Hannity brought her name up first. Hannity referenced the investigation into how she handled government emails, and talked about how the situation was different because Trump was president (and had the powers and immunities of that position) and Hillary wasn’t.

By putting that idea in Trump’s mind, I think Trump spun off of it, speculating that the FBI was looking for the missing emails. At this point it seems pretty clear that Trump is not fully there, maybe there are signs of dementia, but he’ll mentally grasp onto what he hears like a drowning man grabbing a bit of flotsam. He talked about the FBI looking for the emails, because Hannity put that thought in his head and Trump’s verbal diarrhea took over.

After seeing the actual video of him saying it, this is how I read the situation, too. Plus, it seemed like he (Trump) thought the emails were something tangible to be found – like the classified documents he’d absconded with. Not the much more likely scenario that, if the “missing” emails were anywhere, they were stored on some electronic medium.

I try not to be petty or vindictive for its own sake, but I keep seeing the end of Blue Jasmine in my mind.

I see he’s supposed to go on again. Perhaps we could call in and mention “birth certificate”. That would be good for a half hour delusional rant.

‘She sent those emails. And boy did she send them. Without postage! Some people say that’s a crime.’ - DJT

Eh, I’m always a little leery of trying to diagnose these sorts of things from afar. I tend to fall back on the wisdom of the noted philosopher, Tony Soprano, with regards to Trump: he could just be a fucking idiot. Historically, that’s been the case.

I have a friend who is absolutely convinced he’s a secret alcoholic, notwithstanding his well-known teetotaling. I just don’t see it.

There’s an actual word for that! Logorrhea

I honestly don’t think he’s self-disciplined enough to pull that off.

In a report on the Huffington Post today I find this line:

You should know things look bad for you if The FBI visit results in them hauling out a box labeled “miscellaneous top secret documents”. That means there so many, and on such a variety of topics, that they couldn’t come up with a single short phrase that adequately described them.

Individual 1 had men in olive shirts and black pants patrolling the crowd at his rally last night, shutting down the fascist salute from the MAGAts.

I have this private little fantasy where a bunch of we anti-MAGAs show up at one of his rallies and when the salute is given by his supporters, we anti-MAGAs join them for a beat, but then in unison, we turn our arms so our wrists face inward and we extend a different finger.

A girl can dream.