How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

Got a better idea. Howzabout the Times just publishes the fucking data and lets the chips fall where they may, THEN appeals any consequences the judge tries to impose?

Or any fucking Republikan?

Not sure where to put this. It doesn’t merit a new thread.

Trump must be desperate–talking to those sissified libruls over at NPR! :thinking:

Former President Donald Trump spoke with NPR’s Steve Inskeep on Tuesday in a brief phone interview. They discussed vaccinations for COVID-19, the 2020 election and the outlook for Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections.

The conversation was cut short when Trump hung up the phone while being questioned about his continued lies about the outcome of the 2020 election. He repeatedly attempted to assert misinformation about his election loss, as well as about the necessity of vaccinations.

In addition to the context provided in the course of the interview, you can read more fact-checking and analysis of the conversation here.

Transcript follows.

Mentioned in multiple threads already but hell, it can’t be mentioned enough IMO. :slight_smile:

And it also does have its own thread now.

Fucker’s still breathing. AND talking.

And the best cat in the world is still dead.

Yeah, that sucks big time. Please to accept internet hugs if so inclined. I’ve got a cat on the verge now, and as annoying as he can be, I still love him to pieces and 18 years isn’t long enough (he’ll be 18 early next month).

If the Fat Orange Baboon* outlives your cat that will give me yet another reason to hate him.

*I like to troll the tRumpies in the local newspaper comments section. I’ve been calling him FOB for so long that other folks are starting to use it as well. I am very proud.

[admiring tone of voice] Oh, very nice. [/atv]

I have four tickets to the rally on Saturday. I told my BFF that they were free and she also has four tickets. This means we each get to stand the asshole up four times in one day. Have you ever stood up a defeated impeached ex-president before? it’s going to be a first for us as well.

Very good of you Jane.

And the FOB (Fat Orange Baboon, but feel free to sub Bastard as needed) is already fucking things up on a three day weekend. Florence is a prison town south of Phoenix and there isn’t much to do there. The traffic on holidays is always messed up and having a whole bunch of anti-vaxers crowding the stores and gas station restrooms is not going to be helpful in Arizona’s death rate.

Passing cars gave the occasional honk as they zoomed past on Friday, earning waves from vendors. “It’s going to be good weekend,” one seller said.

Vendors dragged tents, tables and Trump gear from the backs of vehicles beginning Wednesday.

It’s going to be good weekend,” one seller said.

I see then the whole MAGA grift machine has something of a multiplier effect on the economy. Or maybe it’s like the pilot fish that follow sharks to grab whatever hunks of prey the sharks don’t gobble up.

(fast forward two weeks)

“I can’t breathe, and they say I’m going to be intubated soon” one seller said. “Look after my wife”.

I believe that remoras, at least, also gobble up the shit that their host spews out. So many great comparisons!

The police were called yesterday because some of the early arriving supporters were heckling teachers at a nearby primary school over masks. Stay classy trumpies.

Well, the lying piece of orange dung lies more, insulting and slandering a brave police officer, and, of course, repeats the lie that the FBI sent the treasonous crowd that he riled up and unleashed on the Capitol.

What’s taking the various attorneys general so long in indicting that dung?

Lt. Michael Byrd should sue Trump. It’s plain and simple defamation - outright lies designed to harm his reputation.

He can join the list. Bankrupt TFG.

Preach it!