How have you stuck your neck out for a sibling?

In about 1977, I was 16 snd my brother 14.

He approached me in an agitated manner I’d never seen. He asked for my help, He got busted for a joint of marijuana. This was a big deal then. I had to explain to my parents that this wasn’t terrible and that I also smoked on occasion.

I really hated to do.this, but I had to for my brother.

Tell me some stories when you stuck your neck out for your siblings.

When my little brother got married, I was his best man. His fiancée’s parents arranged and paid for a dry reception. I made sure it was wet.

I may have gone overboard just a bit (his in laws, now dead, never spoke to me) but, hey.

When I was in my mid-20s, I bought a house. I let my brother who was dealing with some pretty extreme depression move in with me. In retrospect, it could have been bad, but it worked out well.

I helped a brother with depression after a divorce. I got him a job he could handle while depressed. I found him a place to live and helped him move on.
I tried to help my baby sister, she was a bit more difficult and I am not sure how much it helped. I did try though.
I loaned an older sister money for her down payment on a house. She never did finish paying it back.

I lent my kid brother (11 yrs younger) some money. It was a couple thousand or so and I can’t remember the details, but my parents wouldn’t help him out because they thought he needed to learn a lesson. I guess I didn’t feel the same way. We set up a payment plan and he never missed a payment.

I cosigned on a car loan with my sister (3 yrs younger). My parents would have if they lived in town, but I was there and she was always very responsible. She paid it off, no problem. I also let her live with me rent-free for a period of time. She cooked and cleaned in return. I wish I could go back to that!

Did you get in trouble?

More than once but it was fine with me. My brother is exactly 11 years older and as far as our mother is concerned pretty much perfect. I on the other hand am the Anti-Christ. As odd as it is we found ways to make it work and I willingly took the heat for a lot of things he did over the years so it became second nature. He was drinking and bent the car up a little and called me first. I poked a brake line, blamed the crash on myself doing faulty work on the car, and took the heat. Don’t know that anyone ever found out different.