How is Biden doing? (First 100)

Marcia Fudge, HUD Secretary. I assume it was a strong request from Clyburn to put her in the cabinet. Now, there’s a real risk that Nina Turner will win that seat.

There were plenty of other choices for HUD and the House majority was already paper thin.

I’m impressed. Do I agree with everything? No. I thought the covid relief should have been more need-based and households earning > $100K shouldn’t have got anything. But he’s on my side for the issues I care most about, he isn’t tweeting on the toilet like a juvenile, he doesn’t spend his day watching state propaganda, and he hasn’t muscled foreign leaders for political espionage.

I’d be remiss if I did not thank the two people most responsible for the survival (for now) of democracy: Clyburn and Abrams. Clyburn for giving CPR to the Biden campaign when it faced death and Abrams for getting the vote turnout needed to flip the Senate. Had Biden packed it in after NH, Sanders would be the nominee and we’d have a second term of the Orange Dynasty, perhaps he’d become the absolute monarch.

this is true, and FDR (and LBJ for that matter) both had huge congressional majorities that Biden does not have.

Also back during FDR, things were less polarized but the concept of a social safety net wasn’t polarized either. nowadays social safety net are associated with race and moral judgments which makes them far harder to enact. now any talk of a social safety net meets a response of ‘I’m a hard working white person who shouldn’t have to pay for those people’

The policies Biden has enacted have high net support. Overall, partisan divisions mean a significant number disapprove of his performance more than his policies.

In essence, about 30% of the opposing party approved of the first 100 days of Clinton, W and Obama’s respectively. About 10% of the opposing party approved of the first 100 days of Trump and Biden (of whom 9% of Republicans credit, although the NET (positives minus negatives) support for many of Biden’s policies exceed 40%, meaning at least 70% of people support them.

I think he’s doing a competent job leading the nation during times of crisis and is taking the job seriously. As already stated, a vast improvement over his predecessor.

And all the belly-aching I am hearing from Republicans in congress about the lack of bi-partisanship they were promised is a load of horse-shit. They had 4 years (2 of which they had total control) to do stuff, and they did jack-shit and pretended the Democrats did not exist. Now the adults want to fix a lot of broken stuff and they are complaining that they are not seated at the big-people table any more. STFU! If the GOP has any ideas (any!) they need to bring them to the table and not just say “no” to everything then bemoan the lack of promised bi-partisanship. Either get on board and negotiate in good faith or get TF out of the way.

Yeah, they had their chance with the Covid bill. Even their own voters wanted that. And Biden was willing to compromise a little. But noooooo.

Of course, it has not been without some serious scandal. For example, one mean tweet called someone “Voldemort”…

And that was the third worst.

I think the Republicans are making a serious mistake making the 2020 election results a loyalty test. That ship has sailed. And if others disagree, this will not help them choose appealing or electable candidates, govern well or take advantage of future demographics. The future of republican ideals is (I dearly hope) responsible capitalism, personal freedom, bolstering good institutions, free trade and soft power. Might be hoping for a while!