How is it possible to have extremely long hair...

Human hairs grows about .5 inches per month, or about 6 inches a year. The growth cycle for hair is from 2 to 6 years. If I’m going the math correctly, the maximum length
for hair is 36". So how do some people grow extremely long hair, past the waist and down to the ground?

Because their hair growth cycle is faster and longer.

The numbers you are using in your calculations are averages. For any one person, the actual rate of growth or growth cycle may vary.

Or, what Amateur Barbarian said.

My hair growth is closer to 1 inch per month than 1/2 inch. So, about a foot in a year, or in my case a maximum of 5 to 6 feet. Not that I’ve ever gone that long, I get my hair cut every 2 years whether or not it needs it, by which time it’s gone from shoulder length to butt length.

It grows to 36" because anything past that is too heavy? So find way to sleep and go around without straining the follicles.

Yes, peoples hair growth rate vary. I grow about 1.25 inches of hair a month. My wife’s hair grow much more slowly, about .25" a month.

My cousin’s hair grows faster. He gets it all cut off in May. Then he waits one year to get it cut again. He goes from butt length hair to a Marine Corps buzz job and grows it back again every year! He donates his hair to locks of love. He has done this every year for at least two decades.

Is your cousin named It?

The Master Speaks.

No, because of his size 15 boots, great height (6’ 9"), and large frame (38" shoulder to shoulder), we call him Sasquatch! During the winter months, his hair does add to the resemblance.

I read gnoitall’s link. I respectfully disagree with Cecil. All I know is that I get my hair cut once a month, and it grows from 0.5" total length to 1.75" total length in this time frame.