How long will it take my hair to be shoulder length?

I got my haircut last month in a style not far removed from this:

I was curious, about how long will it take for my hair to be just under my shoulders, long enough to pull back in a ponytail?

year and a half

Hair grows about half an inch a month, give or take, so if it has to grow 3 inches, it would take 6 months. Also, since individual hairs grow for about 3-7 years, this sets an upper limit (2-3 feet) on how long hair will get, with some exceptions (other parts of you body have hair with much shorter growth cycles; they all grow at a similar rate).

If your hair grows as slowly as my husband’s does, about five years. If it grows as quickly as mine does, about a year. I got my hair clipped very short last December, as part of a mourning process, and even now, it’s not touching my shoulders quite yet…and I’m notorious for quick growing hair.

Awesome user name/question combination!

I started with my hair length similar to the guy in your pic. Took a year to get it long enough to make a short stubby little ponytail. About two years to grow it long enough to pull ALL my hair back (front and sides). That gave me a ponytail about 6" or so.

Tried for 9 months and gave up, Who knew my hair was curly at all?