How is this board not average, IYHO..

As the title says.
I’m just curious as to how you think the members of this board are different from a random sampling of citizens, if you think they are at all.

The people here value proper grammar and write in actual sentences. That’s a big plus in my book.

Most posters have above-average writing skills and above-average intelligence. Many of us also have a special affinity for puns.

That’s pretty much it.

Oddly enough everyone that posts here has Lambada: The Forbidden Dance in their Netflix queues.

Nobody uses ‘lol’ unironically.

Our wangs are humongous.

  1. Females appear to have above average menstrual cramps, menstrual flow (almost said flood), and long periods.

  2. That said, they also apparently have above average libidos and sexual desires.

  3. Guys are not as attracted to the “Hollywood beauty standard” as others.

  4. Guys are more likely to find attractive (or claim to, at least) those that are considered physically unattractive IRL.

I don’t agree the above thing is, in reality, true, I’m just saying judging by what it is posted that is what it seems to be.

This could be an average forum for all I know. Other than the SDMB, I don’t get out much. Wait, there are other message boards on this thing you call the Intranetz?

The GQ forum is amazing. There are usually very well thought out, and well written responses to questions posed.

The wit and talent I found in the thread, “If LOTR Had Been Written By Someone Else”, as well as the recent Sampiro OP, “If *A Christmas Carol *HBWBSE” is unique to this board. Not two or three good responses - many, many excellent writers.

I don’t find the Mods to be generally on power trips as I’ve seen on other boards.

I’m happy with the international feel.

I’m really proud to be a part of a group that members are willing to pay to be a part of the group as well as pay for memberships for those who can’t afford to join.

Its the one I fell into posting on. It is lively enough that the threads move along quickly. Most people communicate well. Trolls are dealt with quickly. It is well moderated for the most part.

All of the above may be true elsewhere. I have not tried to look. One MB is enough to post on and I am familiar with most of the players here.

I forgot to mention that I fell into posting here because I was a fan of the Straight Dope and Cecil. I was reading the column before there was an internet. At least one that I could get on. Many years later, after I had been out of the DC area and the City Paper. I thought to look up the Straight Dope and see if there was an internet presence. I gradually went from just reading the column to reading the board and finally to posting. I don’t see that happening anywhere else. I post on Wheres George and their MB occasionally but that is not the same. It is usually about something very specific and it is not a very busy board.

:eek: Even the women’s?

Especially theirs.

Also, our potassium is better than the inferior potassium more commonly manufactured in other message boards.

Yours may be, mine is most certainly not.


Our jack-booted moderators are especially attractive.

People here can discuss intimate sexual details, euthanasia, atheism, child pornography or any other touchy subject without the discussion devolving into a flame war or nothing but merciless joking. People here think what they write, and they write well. People here aren’t offended by incredibly tasteless jokes. These are very rare qualities in a large, diverse group of strangers.

Because this board has electrolytes.

you can disagree with people without it immediately turning into a flame war or having people call you a “fag.”

and yes, our wangs, they are ginormous. Plus we’re smarter than the average bear


In addition, the general level of discourse is fairly interesting. On any given morning, I can easily find a half-dozen (sometimes several dozen) threads that are interesting, even though their subjects wouldn’t have occurred to me independently. Very few threads degenerate into “suck it, libs” or “lick my hairy (whatever).”

Most likely you will simply get smart-ass responses from people trying to be clever.

The people on this board probably are consistant with a random sampling of the population. You have some dumb people, some smart people, some Ivy League types, some dropouts, some Right Wing, some Left Wing, some wackos, some geniuses and everyone in between.

What makes the board “above average” is the Moderators do a pretty good job of enforcing some basic rules of civility and appropriateness. Not having pages of “Obama/BIDan pwnd McKain+palin there teh shit!” lends itself to a lot more intelligent discussion on anything from the economy to the Star Wars prequals.