How is this French name pronounced?

The name is Mireille. She’s a character in The Eight by Katherine Neville. I’ve just begun this book, I’m on page 2. I keep stumbling over her name. My brain is telling me to just call her Muriel, but I know that’s wrong, and it’s hindering my immersion in the story. Is it maybe more like ‘mee ray’? Is it two syllables or three? I’ve never studied any French. Please help if you can. Thanks.

I’ll check back in a bit.


Mee - RAY - y’
Mee - RAY - l

Sorta. French* l* is not an English sound.

(I actually pronounce it like it’s Japanese “Mireyu” but that’s because I learned the name from Japanese TV series with a French character.)

I guessed something like “Mee-ray”, and a Google search for Mireille pronunciation seems to bear me out.

You can hear a French guy say it here

OOh, ty! I’m not even sure now if she features much beyond the first chapter, but it will go much more smoothly now.

I like Forvo. I had to create an account to use your link, just took a minute. Definitely gonna bookmark it.

The language series “French in Action” has a character by this name. She’s quite the hottie.

That’s the first name of the girl in the “French in Action” series of instructional videos.

In those, it’s pronounced, more-or-less, “Mee-rye”

ETA : Beaten to the punch. And yes, she ain’t hard to look at…


Did you? I didn’t. I just went to the site and pushed the play button. Now I feel special. :slight_smile: