How is this possible? (Computer Networking Oddity)

I’ve been fiddling with my networking on my new computer, trying various configurations (2 NIC’s, 1 NIC, a home network, a home network with DSL sharing etc.) and they have all had problems.

I seem to have achieved the impossible though, and I’m concerned about stability. Now, through one NIC routed to a hub, I am able to browse the net via my DSL modem (also hooked to the hub) and use the same NIC to network with another computer. I didn’t think this was possible. Is it? How stable is this arrangement? I’m scared. Someone help me :eek:

Maybe I’m missing something. I can’t think of any reason why this wouldn’t be possible.

I’m assuming that the other computer you are networked with is also connected to the same hub? There are several ways to make this work (and a few ways to prevent it from working as well ;)). But if you are running Windows, the default settings that it puts in for your network card should be sufficient for this to work just fine.

I don’t see any problems with what you’ve done. However, unless the modem has the capability to talk to multiple nodes on the LAN side (most don’t, or at least aren’t configured this way by default), no other PCs will be able to use it. Also, I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to use your PC for internet connection sharing without the modem connected to a separate NIC.

The only downside I can think of connecting your DSL modem to the hub is that your ISP will be able to see all the machines and may charge you for additional connections. The usual way around this is for the outside network connection to go to one PC, that PC has a second NIC which is conneted to hub or another computer. This requires internet connection sharing under Windows on the first PC or Linix which makes the whole thing simpler and more secure.

That was how this entire debacle started. I tried to follow WinME’s directions to use Internet Connection Sharing. For some reason, my DSL “dial-up” software (EnterNet) won’t use the NIC that I told Windows had the connection to the Internet. The NIC disappears from the list.

After calls to tech support, which was a joke, and 6 hours wrestling, I just took out the second NIC and gave up.

Some DSL ISPs won’t let you use more than one computer. Check the rules.

There are Gateway Routers specifically made for DSL to use DSL with more than one computer. Cool, but pricey, $100 & up.