How is Trump not guilty of manslaughter?

Ashlee Babbit, and the woman who was trampled to death, wouldn’t have died that day but for trump. That they were deluded fools doesn’t excuse trump, imho. Will Jack touch on that, do you think?

…WTF is TFG?

Nah, she’s gonna be remembered as a lone actor. It ain’t the truth, of course. But that’s how it will be, how it will be presented, how it will be remembered.
Trump didn’t stir those fuckers up! Don’t be silly.

This is the Dope. Any random TLA* in a rant about politics is a reference to the disgraced & traitorous former 45th US President. Anything to avoid using the name itself.

TFG specifically is “That F***ing Guy”

* Three Letter Acronym

As a poster and only as a poster, could you please stop with this stupid TFG shit. Just type Trump.

Or at least say “Fuckin Cheeto Shit Gibbon”. Everyone knows what that means! :smile: :rofl:


Actually, the former guy. I didn’t make it up, and I will use it as I please. Nobody here is going to infringe upon my 1st Amendment rights :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe a sticky in ATMB about the meanings of Trump acronyms would be in order.
I kid.

“The Former Guy” or other permutations.

Titles are often a bit cryptic. Sometimes, if you’re confused about a title, reading the first sentence will clear it up.

…considering the last Trump thread you started where you called TFG PAB, and the thread title got edited: I wouldn’t be so sure. Perhaps just stop with the cute stuff already.

I just stick with “Loser Donald”, because it’s the kind of nickname he’d give someone he doesn’t like, and it combines two of his major triggers - being called by his first name, and being thought of as a loser.

The question is just whether Trump was personally involved in the January 6 attack. And if you could satisfy a jury of that, there’s no reason to settle for mere manslaughter: Much better to convict him for sedition, because then he’d be disqualified to hold any further office.

@Smapti , it also has the advantage of being completely unambiguous.

Would LD be too cute? :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, what is it?

“Go Stick Your Head In A Pig”. :slight_smile:

IFAPOTST. :moneybag:

I happen to like DFP = Disgraced Former President. It covers the three essential bases: Who they are, how badly they did, and that it’s over. Plus the 4th essential base of ensuring the name itself never appears to thrill a narcissist; only the opprobrium & failure appears.

Sadly the “it’s over” part needs an asterisk and a “for now” qualification.