How is Vice City Stories?

I loved GTA: Vice City, but I haven’t played Vice City Stories. Actually, I don’t know anything about it, and I’ve only known of its existence for a little while. I’ve got a few questions:

Does it have the same map as Vice City, or is it a new area?

Does it use any of the same songs from Vice City, or does it have all different music?

How is the gameplay?

Does Tommy appear at all?

Overall, is it worth playing?

I haven’t played this one but according to Wiki, it’s set before Vice City so Tommy wouldn’t be appearing; he’s still in jail. Apparently, Phil Cassidy, Ricardo Diaz, Lance Vance and Umberto Robina appear though.

The map looks identical although technically you get twice as much map because your character can now swim.

Swimming is a plus. I always hated it when Tommy stepped into a couple feet of water and instantly drowned.

I felt the same way in Assassin’s Creed.

Altair can fend off huge groups of city guards and leap amazing distances without so much as even a minor sprain or tendonitis, but watch out should he even touch a bit of water.

And naturally, there’s a TV trope page about it:

Liberty City Stories used exactly the same map as GTA3, FWIW.

Vice City Stories is okay - the Phil Collins cameo is quite funny (though it goes against my instincts to protect him from gunfire). A lot of the game is about taking over criminal properties and having them turn a profit, while leaving them in danger of being overrun by opposing gangs - so it’s a bit like the gangland turf aspects of San Andreas. The story isn’t as amusing as the original Vice City, but it’s worth a play, I’d say.